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Atlas' Ultimate Item Collection
Collection by GablesMcgee
Possibly the largest collection you've ever seen, with almost 200 items and growing! We constantly update, and all we want is the TF2 community to have better weapons to fight with, and new accessories to show off. Why not look through? You're bound to...
Tf2 Christmas 2012
Collection by 💪 Doud!
Best Christmas Items for Team fortress 2
Third Team Fortress world war weapons
Collection by Kat :3 #Brainless Shotgun
These are a random amount of weapons for every 10 min war in tf2 that you can think of. these weapons will destroy those maggots
TF2 Items Awesome
Collection by YahooYann
My Personal Favorite Items id love to see added to the game
Collection by NEONmarshmallow
Medic Wishlist
Collection by Arr!
Medic items I wish Valve approved for TF2.
That's So Brilliant
Collection by Bump
Hey Valve, heads up.
Collection by SenpaiDerpyCat
Just some ordinary *cough* not *cough* stuff
TF2 Weapons
Collection by Captain Pootis
Unique weapons for Team Fortress 2
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