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The Blazing Outlaw Set
Collection by JPRAS
The Blazing Outlaw Set - By JPRAS & Texman!´ The set includes: 1 Deadly Hat; 1 Elegant Scarf; 1 Silly, classy Cannister; 1 Magnificent Flaregun! Be sure to rate and comment!
Things That Should Be in TF2
Collection by endgamer186
All the Things That Should be in Team Fortress 2! (My Opinion) I Didn't make these.
Pixel's - Valve Should Add This List
Collection by <Washington>
Just some of the items on TF2's Steam Workshop that I think should be added to the game
Collection by GasMask
That's So Brilliant
Collection by Bump
Hey Valve, heads up.
Scnurcen's TF2 collection
Collection by Taste a little strange?
All the items that I beleive valve really needs to add.
Collection by mr. Lososin
дизайнерские шмотки и стволы :]
Collection by ღLuiღ Life changing fast
A collection of pyro items that I think would be a great contribution to tf2.
stuff i like
Collection by Coffee N' Jam
Collection by predeter
all new weapon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
TF2 Gun Explosion
Collection by MCSmash
Just For Fun!
TF2 Weapons + Items
Collection by shadowscorpio75
My personal collection of weapons and items for TF2. (Mainly based around the Pyro Class.) =P
Collection by BAHBAHBOY
Collection by tkry5
my fav weapons
Collection by khess63
just my fav wepons
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