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Tools of the Trade
Collection by [m00] Elbagast
Love bombs? Hate swords? Want to actually blow things up? Well here's some gear straight off a demolition site that should get you started! Full pack promo: All items now available as mods (I have the be...
Vanilla style with chocolate
Collection by A trained chimpanzee
When it comes to the artstyle and setting of Team Fortress 2, I am very conservative. I find the stylized 60s theme of vanilla TF2 unique and appealing, and I wish Valve hadn't abandoned it as haphazardly as they did. I'm not against the idea of adding ne...
TF2 Skins
Collection by ChefCurryWithTheSauce
A compilation of my favorite skins in Team Fortress 2.
Collection by JoshTripleH
Professional Equipment For All Your Everyday Demoman Needs
Collection by Mr. Puffle
A collection of demoman stuff for all your daily needs, such as blowing up your enemy's base. This collection is only based on modern equipment, so no medival themed weapons here.
Collection by siegemyhero
Anything on the TF2 Workshop that should be in game (not that it will be).
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