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Survival Maps Pack!
Collection by noam 2000
A Collection of all The Survival maps that are in the workshop. > Please Download The Ultimate Resource Pack too,as most survival maps wont work without it. you can find it below the maps.
my mod list for sam 3
Collection by ↯↯Alice↯↯
have fun
Massive Mod Collection
Collection by BarryChuckle...
A compilation of mods from other users, None of these mods are mine and are in this collection so that people and friends can play together on these specially handpicked mods for co-op and solo play without any hassle... I do not in any way take any cr...
Mark5: SS3BFE Survival & Other Maps Collection
Collection by AKMARK5000
This is just an easy "subscibe" location for my server. Subscribe to the items within this collection and then click the linked collections and subscribe to everything within them as well.
Xok Serious Sam 3: BFE Collection
Collection by Xoki
Simply put, this is mods I like. Yeah.
Collection by SirNorton
Collection by Redzombie18
My stuff
Collection by Justabit_Ginger
Sam's the man
Collection by clarkson65
Only the most "SERIOUS" collection
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