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Serious Fantasy: Legends (With all patches)
Collection by Pan
The full collection for SF:L Featuring all character packs and map packs from the original release up to Content Patch 6.
Serious Fantasy Legends Mod
Collection by FunkyFinzy
Serious Fantasy Legends mod developed by Pan and Finzy, now on the Steam workshop! Subscribe to this collection to easily download all the required mod files! Serious Fantasy is a massive multiplayer mod pack, adding over 22 new versus maps, 69 player mod...
TimeshiftR's SS3 Mods
Collection by TimeshiftR
All the mods I use.
Massive Mod Collection
Collection by BarryChuckle...
A compilation of mods from other users, None of these mods are mine and are in this collection so that people and friends can play together on these specially handpicked mods for co-op and solo play without any hassle... I do not in any way take any cr...
addons de MoNeYcRaZy:serious sam 3 edition :)
Collection by MoNeYcRaZy
Collection by Mambo
All my Mods
Collection by PictoShark
Just a collection I set up for friends to make getting all my mods easier
All Mah Stuff
Collection by JimBeamJr
Collection by ArclorenSarth
the biggie boy battle battalion backpack of beanie babies
Collection by Jetra
this collection has memes up the wazoo
Seroius sam Co op play through
Collection by Joshua
A selection of mods my friends and I use.
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