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Player Models Pack
Collection by: noam 2000
a collection of all the player models for Serious Sam 3:BFE that are on the workshop.
Devostators stuff
Collection by: ☢ Devo ★ stator ☯
The stuff I am doing for SS3
my mod list for sam 3
Collection by: ↯↯Alice↯↯
have fun
Norris SS3 Collection
Collection by: MrChrisNorris
A Norris Collection
Serious Sam 3 BFE
Collection by: [NeKo T.R.3.N.D][RUS][HAPBA]
Serious Bloody Legends!
Collection by: KittyCat | Assassin
This collection adds: New Campaigns, New Weapons (maybe) New Better Enemies Better Graphics Better Weapons and Enemies New Players and Monsters skins New Survival Maps Better BLOOOOODY AND GORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And Very Very Much More.
Collection by: Domino
Just a collection for my friends and I. So we are compatible and shit.
Dreaded Doobie
Collection by: Mejor Hamigo
Collection by: RoflcopterV22
Collection by: Muneakira Ichigo Yagyu
SS3 Skins
Collection by: Steel, The Betrayer
Collection by: Rubba
Texas Collective Stuff
Collection by: Not Marisa Kirisame
Stuff you download to play with the collective
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