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Approaching Hell
Collection by NHunter
Custom campaign aiming to be a prequel to SS3:BFE << Sam was on the mission to destroy Mental's communication tower in one of the Egyptian cities, but his chopper was shot down. Thankfully, because he didn't wear his seat-belt, Sam survived the crash...
Collection A - Serious Sam 3: BFE
Collection by TG62•Bæstien ★
maps + skins + mods
Norris SS3 Collection
Collection by MrChrisNorris
A Norris Collection
Sam's got the edge
Collection by clarksonwayne65
Every thing is so serious
Collection by UraLex
My Cool Collection Of Mods For Serious Sam 3: BFE
Collection by KrypTo 3000
My favorite mods for Serious Sam 3: BFE. Credits go to their respective owners
Mark5: SS3BFE Approaching Hell Collection
Collection by AKMARK5000
This collection is just one convenient spot to "subscribe" to both campaign maps and mods that work together and will posibly be used on my server. Remember to click on the linked collection "Ultimate Resource Pack" and subsribe to all the mods there als...
Collection by Mambo
All my Mods
Collection by PictoShark
Just a collection I set up for friends to make getting all my mods easier
Collection by HYDRA
SS3 580
Collection by Lachesis580
un annern sache
All Mah Stuff
Collection by JimBeamJr
Collection by SirNorton
A Seriously Serious Christmas With Memo And Gilly
Collection by Gilly The Ghillie
Totally serial brah!
Serious sam
Collection by maximilian.rieder
Collection by Redzombie18
Colección Seria Coop - Serious Sam 3
Collection by Fobos
Pack de añadidos y campañas cooperativas para Serious Sam 3
Sam's the man
Collection by clarkson65
Only the most "SERIOUS" collection
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