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The best addons for GMod13
Collection by: Nargon
These are the best addons for Garrysmod! (my opinion) My collection contains most TDM cars , most SCars and Siminov's / M9k weaponpacks which are some of the best addons in my opinon. It also contains the maps i like the most and some of the tools and...
WAC Community
Collection by: Dr. Matt
Welcome to the WAC Community 'collection'. If you have any questions about the addons please use the comments or discussions of the appropriate addon. Thank you!
Collection by: Todoo
Without THIS, ist gMod just a game! Must have for everyone! Only Pedos dont like this shit. :D
Asdf Knapsack
Collection by: Pewdiepie
edit 3/11/2014: i'm adding the addons from GMod Medley Vol. 2 as we speak – any new addons (since medley 1) will be near the bottom of the list. edit 2: i burnt my toast writing that god damnit the addons we use! the maps we play! http://www.yout...
The Abyss
Collection by: Dr. Matt
This collection contains all of the workshop addons that our server mounts. There are more addons the server uses but these are the ones from workshop! Dr. Matt.
Every Addon You'll Ever Need (Garry's Mod)
Collection by: Bonfire
Every addon you'll ever need, with the lowest amount of addons possible. Includes the following addon collections: GMod Tower, TDMCars, SCars, WAC Aircraft, and much more. This should make it so that you should never see an error on any server ever ...
Garry's Mod Starter Pack
Collection by: Freedom Redeemer
This pack is for new players who don't want to waste time searching and waiting for partial server downloads of the most used Gamemodes, Maps, Weapons, Tools, NPCs, and Vehicles used on g-mod servers. I will update this pack as needed with Top Rated works...
Sass Patrol Sandbox
Collection by: Spike Wess
"Spike can I get the addons?"
DashNet Server Files
Collection by: [☂] Opti
This is a collection of the files used on the server. It includes various addons. Regarding maps, those are downloaded via a high-speed server automatically when you join. You do not need to download our maps through workshop. Steam Community http...
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