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Collection by: DumbleDerp
This is the content pack used for TG DARKRP
KOS Server
Collection by: Naruto
Obsidian Gaming Addons
Collection by: Harvey Norman
addons for the server
EpiX Wiremod DarkRP Server
Collection by: [EpiX] AnonymouS KeV
Collection by: samylebonois
Les addons pour le serveur de Samy Laws et Jack Laws
The Orange Planet RP
Collection by: Oranginaaa
These are all the addons you will need to enter the server faster! :D YOU WILL ALSO NEED WIRE!; SERVER IP: *Big thanks to my friend dorpz for helping me build my server!
Nexus Brasil DarkRP Server
Collection by: .Z. Nexus
Collections of Addons used on DarpRP
Fierce Gaming Fix Errors
Collection by: Apollo
Make sure to subscribe to all of these addons and then go ahead an rejoin the server to fix all errors! -Angus
Collection by: Badstormer
A very large amount of addons that will more or less give you a wonderful amount of stuff to screw around with. Updated frequently. Rather large file size. (~ 25-40 GB On estimate). Recently updated to remove addons that were banned from the worksho...
★ [FR] GLegends - DarkRP Metro 2033 | Mutants | Survie ★
Collection by: Tergan
Regroupe les différents addons de [FR] GLegends - DarkRP Metro 2033 | 15+ Jobs
FireTeam server mods pack
Collection by: [NL] Soul Breaker
This pack was made to use on my server. For easy way of installing I made collection. I take no credit for things in this collection, all credits - to owners. I only made stable collection to play on my server. Sometimes I'll update it.
Suzuki's Server
Collection by: Suzuki
Addons for me server :)
Dark RP Server Content
Collection by: Callum Carmicheal
This is a collection of addons for my DarkRP Server.
HOGS RP server files
Collection by: Sleight_of_Swag
This is all the custom content in HOGS RP
my server addons
Collection by: Lord Twitchyb1t
ESG MetroServerPack
Collection by: ­Wilson
All addons for ESG MetroRPServer
Collection by: /TWD\ Boncey
Stuff. 'nuff said
Collection by: Jessica
For my friends
Collection by: MrSheep
For all my friends
ParagonSpiralRP Addon Collection
Collection by: {MGN} Shaniqua Ghettobootie
Collection of addons for ParagonSpiralRP DarkRP server.
Collection by: Morph
Collection for ReworkGaming.
Serveur [FR]NoName RP
Collection by: Spy-Casse
Voici le contenu du Serveur NoNameRP
Jessica's Collection! [DarkRP] v1
Collection by: Jesseii032
ok man
Collection by: ¤¤BlisskIn
My Stuff for My friends :D - Only for them !!
Collection by: Dr. Zelenka
Lucious Gaming Collection
Collection by: AcidCrafted
Collection of the sever downlode thingys
Collection by: # Mafiatoss
Krow-RP (DarkRp)
Collection by: Steven Ω
High Times Roleplay Content
Collection by: Soap
DarkRP Canada
Collection by: Sparks™
This is all the files for DarkRP custom content
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