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The_Yogi's Steam Mod Recommendations
Collection by: The_Yogi
This Collection is a recommendations of mods i use...that is available in Steam Workshop anyway...There is a lot of mods I personally use from TWCenter Note: Choose between, not "subscri...
basic equipment
Collection by: Admiral Dudelsack (Napoléon)
basic equipment All of these mods are compatible, I've downloaded all for me. (Alle diese mods sind kombinierbar, ich habe alle bei mir heruntergeladen.)
Improving vanilla game
Collection by: Frodo45127
This is a collection of fixes and mods that don't change the vanilla game drastically, only improve it. Download the mods you want, but: - FOTS Artillery Pack T1 and T2: download ONLY one. T1 have diferent smoke effects. T2 have vanilla smoke effects....
The Great War (WW1) mods and maps
Collection by: GeneralBurns
This is just a collection of mods and maps that are ww1 themed. Although not all of thes are directly about ww1 but they do make the game alot more realistic. So enjoy these mods and maps for The Great War!
Challange, Simplicity, Compatabillity: Rewarding Gameplay
Collection by: Wendersnaven
After spending hours trying different mods and compatabilities, these are the ones I have selected to improve gameplay. Some aspects of the game become easier while other are more challenging, but this collection doesn't have the massive unit packs or bi...
TWS2 FotS Mod Collection
Collection by: Warhead Killor
These are all the mods that I'm currently using in my campaign for Shogun 2 on Youtube.
Collection by: sa
Collection by: Audric Sword Of Scotland!
None of theese mods were made by me and one or two are still im production and being bug fixed
Müsliriegels Mod Recommendations Shogun 2
Collection by: Müsliriegel
These are the mods that I use. New units, visuals, etc. Nothing unbalanced or unlogical / not lorefriendly.
Bien's Title
Collection by: buenafe.gabriel
The collection is for total war shogun 2.
MrBlitzBear Collection
Collection by: Xx_EskyRider_xX
my used mods
Collection by: Derpy Hooves
this is a collection of mods that i use i hope you enjoy this will be updated with more mods just stick arouend oh and if i hit 100 downloads my secend modpack will ne launched
OctoKnights & friends Shogun mod collection
Collection by: OctoKnight
Shogun 2 Mod and maps Collection
Collection by: Devilmaster
Mod package
Collection by: [EZC] Red Overcoat
a set of mods that'll improve your gaming experience
Total War Shogun 2 collection
Collection by: Big Boss
all the shit I play with.
muh subsriced items
Collection by: ejlemao
Must Have
Collection by: blu smothie22
Assembly of realistic and useful mods
Shogun 2 Fall Of The Samurai Enhancements
Collection by: justin19961
Collection by: sa
Personalised MP pack
Collection by: Qwertyalex
For myself and friends who play MP. No credit to me, everything belongs to its creator.
Total Winning: Shogun 2
Collection by: Disarray
For Honor
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