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basic equipment
Collection by Philip Thiel (Offiziell)
basic equipment All of these mods are compatible, I've downloaded all for me. (Alle diese mods sind kombinierbar, ich habe alle bei mir heruntergeladen.)
Demon Samuria
Collection by crusnik918
samuria with a blood thirst for battle an blood they dont retreat, they an fight no matter the odds they will not be discouraged, they are lengdary elite samuria they are trained in all weapons bows guns swords no matter what an they are perfect as cavarl...
ouilew collection
Collection by April O'Neal
Collection by ikerrapiperra
+FOTS Mega Pack+
Collection by ✠ Krieg_Strudel ✠ ™
This is a collection of many FOTS/Sengoku Jidai period mods available on the workshop. These are only here to enhance FOTS and SJ Campaigns!
OctoKnights & friends Shogun mod collection
Collection by OctoKnight
Must Have
Collection by blu smothie22
Assembly of realistic and useful mods
Shogun 2 Mod and maps Collection
Collection by Devilmaster
Legolas Der Elb
Collection by Lord Hasamoto *-*
Bien's Title
Collection by buenafe.gabriel
The collection is for total war shogun 2.
My Mods
Collection by Dude8955
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