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Cosmetic Mods
Collection by Emeyin
A collection of all the cosmetic mods that I use.
CloneDylan's must have
Collection by CloneDylan
Collection by aJa
Collection by Terminator3.0
BtB-XCOM 2 Kollektion
Collection by Maurice791
Collection by ChaosMadeFlesh
Overwatch related mods
NevikTheStoryteller's Pre-WOTC Modlist
Collection by Apple Juice for the Merry
WOTC Playthough 1
Collection by Chosenarcher
X-COM 2 Cosmetics
Collection by unikornus
Basically a collection of all mods pertaining to appearances in the game X-COM 2. If there's any redundant or broken mods in this collection, do please let me know and I'll make a note of it in this section. Likewise, if you see any mods not included
Collection by =[NK]= Col. Jack O'Neil
Meh Mods
Collection by Foxtrot
JRTRPG's LW2manymods collection
Collection by robofrog
These are the mods I use with XCOM2. There are too many of them and it doesn't run particularly well but it is awesome. Below are the edits I make to the XCOMLW_Toolbox.ini -> .NUM_STAT_SWAPS=4 .NUM_STAT_SWAPS=4 .NUM_STAT_SWAPS=4 .NUM_STAT_SWAPS=4
Collection by Ramona Flowers
No nerds allowed
Character Customization
Collection by Bank92
Personal mods I like using to make my soldiers
Collection by Tenma Lu
Collection by Sorrowlander
Everything related to soldier customization.
my mods
Collection by DewFuel
my mod list
Collection by 세퍼
Dreadfuls subscribed Xcom2 mods
Collection by Dreadful Skull
Mods that I use in xcom 2
Collection by Mr Meowser
Sparx Gaming Mod List
Collection by Sparx419
Temp Collection
Pluvio's XCOM Mod Set
Collection by 🐾 PluvioSkunk ᵔᴥᵔ 🐾
XCOM 2 Mod Pack
Collection by ------------
Collection by Teeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeepie
Cody's fun Xcom 2 mods
Collection by Pit Pat Paddy Wack
XCOM2 Mod List
Collection by 60's Spidey
PRE WOC list
Collection by Apathy Enrage
LinkedGlint's XCOM-2 mods
Collection by [COE] LinkedGlint
Here's all the mods i use for XCOM 2. Credit to the creators who made these mods! :D
XCOM 2 - Siohw's List
Collection by Ayataka
Must have XCOM list
Xcom2 Mods pour Long War 2
Collection by Fx_oO7
Ceci sont les mods fonctionnel pour le mod LW2 de Xcom 2 ... EN COURS DE CONSTRUCTION ...
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