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Odd's XCOM Season 4 Collection
Collection by Arrival
Mr. Odd's & Marbozir's Mod List
Collection by Marbozir
This is a mod list for ChristopherOdd's and Marbozir's Co-op Campaign! NOTE: We're using an alternative ABA2 config file, with vanilla pod sizes. You can find our channels at http://youtube.com/ChristopherOdd and http://youtube.com/Marbozir
Marbozir's XCOM 2 Season 5 Mod List
Collection by Marbozir
This is a list of mods used in Marbozir's Season 5 XCOM 2 playthrough, which you can find at https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLHQyGGzRHYIaK2QqGhK3TgU9HZwWP5cuf Update: Removed Even More Maps due to potential crash issue, replaced Free Reload with
Spectrum Reccomended Mods
Collection by Yzaxtol
This collection of mods has been tested and is designed to be played with Spectrum.
XCOM2 New Campaign Mods
Collection by Phantom
Vigilo Confido Commanders! This is my personal collection of mods you should have for the best XCOM gameplay expirience. I update this collection very often and i keep it bug free and compatibel. I personaly prefer legendary ironman runs. So
A Better Modlist #5: ABA2 + Shadow Ops LW, full list including cosmetics
Collection by DerBK
For the modlist without the cosmetic stuff and just the gameplay core with explanations, see here: https://steamcommunity.com/workshop/filedetails/?id=807695319
Collection by Kevin [MGXP]
Long War Toolbox Mod compatibility seems to be an issue for some, so I took the privilege to iron out those mods that I know that do not work alongside the Long War toolbox, please be aware that this is purely for your convenience I do not take any credits
X-Com Recommended Mods (In my opinion)
Collection by Lieutenant A.Kouassi
A collection of mods which i feel enhance the X-com experience while staying as close as possible to the original game, providing a believable realistic gameplay experience. The majority of these mods are lore-friendly and aim to enhance the experience as
A Better Modlist #5: ABA2 + Shadow Ops LW
Collection by DerBK
I just finished an Ironman run with this modlist on Veteran and had a reaaaally great time doing so, so i want to share this setup. The enemy: - A Better ADVENT 2 I guess i don't need to explain why i am using my own mod here. By now i tweaked it pret
X-Com Long War
Collection by Nimrauko
X-Com Long War Mods.
Long War Studios
Collection by Ser Lancelot
A collection of mods from the renowned Long War Studios.
Thunder's Favourite QOL mods
Collection by ThunderPsyker
Useful enhancements to the game which streamline the experience None of these are made by me (except for the Guardsmen voice pack)
XCOM 2 - Первое Возрождение
Collection by resonansER
Данная коллекция основана на сборной солянке модов, предложенной ChristopherOdd и отредактированной мною. Я выбрал те моды, которые улучшают удобство интерфейса, который в этой игре и так прекрасен, а также добавляют некоторые классы и новые умения. Позвол
Big Action XCOM2
Collection by harlequin565
XCOM2 - Big Action Edition So this is an attempt to put together a challenging game mode that uses more soldiers than are needed for careful vanilla play. Assumption is Legendary Ironman settings and presumes a degree of competence playing the
XCOM2 - Workshop Mods
Collection by SephirothCetras
Bonjour! La liste des mods que j'utilise plus ou moins pour mes playthrough sur XCOM2, pour faire un résumé je dirais que les mods installer son beaucoup cosmétique mais aussi pour rendre le jeu plus réaliste, il n'y a pas de mods qui rendent certaines ch
TSM The Oddone's XCOM 2 Mods
Collection by Knifebreeze
Mods the General uses on stream
TheFatalWound's Wild Ride
Collection by TheFatalWound
Custom-curated pile of mods that are primarily focused on creating a campaign experience that's slightly inspired by Long War. Tuned for playing on Legend. I haven't run into any incompat issues yet, so I'll label it as "Items that work together". XCOM
Savagery and Pain
Collection by Varyar
ABA2 and the LW family combine with Shadow Ops class pack and some fun enemies. This collection is nothing less than the valley of death. I'm not happy here, you shouldn't join me.
Road to Ruin - Core
Collection by 13laCk_OuT
NOTE: FEATURE DEVELOPMENT ON HOLD TEMPORARILY UNTIL LW2 IS RELEASED. (Mostly because I love the long war mod series and am super excited to see what features they come up with, to see if I can adapt my mods to work with theirs rather than compete against
Season 5 LP mod list
Collection by Mythrell
This is the modlist I use in my Season 5 let's play with Alien Hunters DLC. It has only few key changes from Season 4 mod list, but over all I think this time it will be a little bit more balanced. Increased Enemy Squad Size and LW Toolbox squad si
Personal mod list
Collection by ObelixDk
My personal mod list
Straight Outta Cygnus X-1
Collection by Mayhem's Pet Wombat
So I can organize Xcom mods for only me so go away, only wombats are allowed in space!
Stealth17 Season 3 Mods
Collection by Stealth17
Personal Must-Haves
Collection by McDenny's 09
doN't LOOK!!!!!
Shadow Ops recommended companion mods
Collection by xylthixlm
Recommended mods for use with Shadow Ops Long War.
Jester814's XCOM 2 Modpack
Collection by Drumheller
My collection of mods that I feel enhance the enjoyment of XCOM the most. Recommended for Commander or Legendary difficulty.
My essential XCOM 2 Mods
Collection by Anomaly Of Awesome
Mods I plan on playing with for every campaign
My XCOM2 mod subscriptions
Collection by Prime Minister Benjamin Netorare
I am subscribed to these mods, but might temporarily be unsubscribed from some of them from time to time.
Special Bunny Forces
Collection by Bunny
Things n' stuff that I like and have found work well together! Huzzah!
My collection
Collection by Alcors
Mods that I'm planning to use in the future
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