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Shadowrun Campaigns
Collection by: Hellspawn
A selection of campaigns for Shadowrun Returns.
Shadowrun Getting Started Collection
Collection by: CameleonZZZ
If your new to Shadowrun Workshop or the game itself, these are recommendations of Workshops which give a variety of storylines, free-play, and are each well crafted. You can't go wrong by trying these ones out. These Workshops help new and curious pl...
open-world campaigns
Collection by: madhh
Campaigns that are not linear, but open-world, i.e. you go where you want to go.
Campaign Add-Ons
Collection by: Zethien
Collection of campaign add ons designed to be fillers for full length games. This will mostly be stand alone side quests and areas that are intended to help the character develop if they are "stuck" in the main story.
Shadowrun Modules
Collection by: Biohazard☣JP
Shadowrun UGC worth your time
Collection by: emperor_kk
UGC Content that expand the horizons of Shadowrun Returns... what the developers couldn't achieve some users did.
Collection by: Jeralrik / Bonkers
My favorites
Collection by: urdunn4
Night Eternal
Collection by: WongMatt
Shadow Run
Collection by: HammerHigh
Shadowrun Returns
Collection by: moOx
Collection by: gaidexviller
these were my first mod ever and shadowrun is interesting
Game Stories
Collection by: Zackrin
Collection 1
Collection by: Killing Time
First collection
Collection by: jerry1allbright
Shadowrun User Generated Content
Collection by: Malyon
User created content for Shadowrun Returns. I am goint to try to keep only the stuff I like as I find it and get a chance to play it.
more stuff campains
Collection by: MaGinThat
user campains and dlc for shadowrun
Collection by: neofutur
the best SR mods i could find
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