Age of Empires II: HD Edition
Advance to the Steam Age
Explore new maps, multiplayer scenarios, and user created campaigns. Or reinvent your game experience with new sounds, visuals, AI, units, and more! Ready to share your creations with the world? Upload right from the map editor, or collaborate with friends to create a masterpiece collection.
Containing item: "Ozhara's Pussywood Upgrade V2"
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Ozhara's Tree Replacements
Collection by: Ozhara
This collection contains all tree replacements I've done up to now.
Stephen's AoE general update
Collection by: sc12davis
This collection contains map updates, graphic updates, and unit reskins along with a few custom maps.
Age of empires Nice collection
Collection by: Sasifaz
Age of Empires 2 HD Mods
Collection by: Predator_Fett
Pretty cool mods
Collection by: LarsKort
Some mods, which make game pretty cool.
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