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Containing item: "Trick-or-Treat"
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Halloween Mod Challenge Submissions
Collection by: Klei Entertainment
These are the submissions to the Don't Starve Halloween Mod Challenge.
Don't Starve Ultimate Collection [RPG]
Collection by: HeySexy
Why not. The collection is meant to enhance the core gameplay of Don't Stave. Any mod added here passes my personal test of "I would not mind if the game was released in Vanilla that way." which of course includes "OMG! I LOVE THIS MOD!" or "Must Have....
My private thing
Collection by: [MLP] TomeFan
Stuff here
Anomen077 Serie de mods
Collection by: Anomen
Life...... (for RoG)
Collection by: Eazy_Goer
A Don't Starve Mod Pack
Collection by: Lok2
Just my favorites, no need to judge. Adds a lot of extra content to your game!
Adding to the vannila feel~
Collection by: Mask The Kid
This collection adds to the vannilla feel for dontstarve... it dont make game easier and dont make it harder note wulfe plus should only be activated if your going to play wulfe. note the always on status dont work with mod charecters note I thin...
(RoG) Realism
Collection by: . ҉ Ace
These all work well together, only enable up to date mods!
Bdiz4Shiz's Grand Scheme
Collection by: DAYMAN
The mods that work best, and add what is missing in don't starve. I like to focus on character specialization (starting items), world and gameplay refinement (dawn, always on stats, ect.), as well as adding craftables that should have always been craft...
Nuttertools Mods Collection
Collection by: Tony Slark
My favorite mods compilation
Don't Starve Mods
Collection by: HammerTime
This is a collection of my favorite "Don't Starve" mods... Some of them are tweaks to gameply or just some random tweaks, And some of them ar cheats for testing 'n staff... Credit For All The Awesome Creaters Of This Mods!
Best Collection
Collection by: Banzai Buddy
The best mod collection.
Occasions/Themes & Seasons
Collection by: PenguinEye
Halloween, Christmas, Valentines, Easter, Thanksgiving etc.
More good stuff
Collection by: ♚ King Bowser Koopa
Good mods that does not affect gameplay much. The mods are not made by me. More stuff will be added when I see moar stuff that are both good and...good. Not going to add character mods even if they are good.
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