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Don't Starve Ultimate Collection [RPG]
Collection by HeySexy
Why not. The collection is meant to enhance the core gameplay of Don't Stave. Any mod added here passes my personal test of "I would not mind if the game was released in Vanilla that way." which of course includes "OMG! I LOVE THIS MOD!" or "Must Have....
Steampunk Mods collection
Collection by Hast
I created this collection to gather in one place all the best (according to me) modifications from workshop, in the styling (design, backstory, character look) of steampunk :)
Character Mods For Don't Starve!
Collection by PrinceVidiot
This collection is a collection of the greatest character modifications inputed into the Steam Workshop! I did not make any of the mods put in this collection so all credit goes to the creators!
My Don't Starve MODS
Collection by [ APCGN ] Mr. B Panda
Here is a collection of Don't Starve Mods I use while streaming & non - streaming if you want to see them in action Monday - Friday 8pm PST
Don't Starve Addons for Enhanced Experience
Collection by MrSauce
This mix of add-ons makes for a great combination of slight modifications which will likely enhance the experience for many.
Dont Starve for my friends
Collection by Little Mac
for my freinds
Don't Starve Custom Char Set
Collection by Cheeki Breeki Vodka Stand
라비린스's 굶지마 서버 필수 모음집
Collection by ¤Skullcandy
라비린스의 굶지마 서버를 이용하기전에 이 모음집을 먼저 다운받아야 플레이가 가능합니다. 하나도 빠짐없이 모두 받으세요.
all my favorties
Collection by [CG] little GamingTurtle
Mods that I want to save without being subscribed to them
Collection by Poophouse Larry
see title
Character collection
Collection by mobius29er
I wanted to combine all the great character mods together into one place for people to add. None of these are mine and I haven't tested them out yet.
Characters +
Collection by Antagonist
PART OF THE 'WORK IN PROGRESS' "Don't Starve +" COLLECTIONS Ever wanted some nice, balanced, extra characters to play? Tired of the same old same old in the game, wanting someone new, unique, and 'you'? Want to enjoy a whole new experience with some ch...
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