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Don't Starve Ultimate Collection [RPG]
Collection by: HeySexy
Why not. The collection is meant to enhance the core gameplay of Don't Stave. Any mod added here passes my personal test of "I would not mind if the game was released in Vanilla that way." which of course includes "OMG! I LOVE THIS MOD!" or "Must Have....
Don't Starve RPG Collection (Normal & ROG Compatible)
Collection by: Thurss
EN: Don't Starve RPG Collection is not a pack of mods that makes its easy to play, but a more realistic game (a little more), it leaves certain aspects of the game more difficult, and in certain aspects of the game easier. Subscribe and tell me what you ...
Thought_Crime's suscribed mods.
Collection by: ThoughtCrime
This is for friends to see what im using. I did not make these mods all credit to original creator's this collection is made specifically to show freinds what mods im using and reccomend the mods to them.
Graphic & Seeds Mod Pack
Collection by: GraphicSyns
A collection for a specific person. Pay it no mind. Or do. Your choice.
dont die
Collection by: coolbatman
PACK CREATED BY COOLBATMAN. PLS DO NOT GIVE CREDIT TO ME GIVE IT TO THE MOD CREATORS. all of the top mods u can think of i will always update . use all mods for the best gameplay. (msg me if there is a probablem with the pack) ps: sorry about the bad spel...
Hardcore Don't Starve Mod Compilation
Collection by: BobaAsdf
This is made for those who want Don't Starve harder, without having to have RoG - i only put it in a pack like this to remember the set of mods put together, but, i decided to publish it a bit later... so, now its published. ._.
Don't Starve Modded Lets Play Day 1-
Collection by: RaPe_BaNneD
This Collection Is for when people want to play dont starve as I do.
Jiraque's Don't Starve Mod Collection
Collection by: Moosehead
Abobo :3
Collection by: JanTran
Don't Starve Friends Mod list
Collection by: Draigar
Just some mods me and some friends use that work together
Good mods
Collection by: thomeef23
More Of Everything
Collection by: RaPe_BaNneD
Don't Starve Mods
Collection by: Dark Guard
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