Don't Starve
Customize your wilderness adventure!
Create and upload new mods to add new characters, items, and game mechanics to Don't Starve. Explore new ways to survive in the wilderness, or create new challenges for yourself and others. Click here to learn more and get started!
Containing item: "Craftable Gears"
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Don't Starve Ultimate Collection [RPG]
Collection by: HeySexy
Why not. The collection is meant to enhance the core gameplay of Don't Stave. Any mod added here passes my personal test of "I would not mind if the game was released in Vanilla that way." which of course includes "OMG! I LOVE THIS MOD!" or "Must Have....
Don't Starve Mod pack
Collection by: Knox
This is a mod collection that I use in my Don't Starve game! I hope you like it.
Don't Starve for Dummies
Collection by: Laralth
A collection of mods that will make your game funnier and a little easier...but without the feeling of cheating :D
Collection by: EnderDoesGaming
All The Mods I Use In My Heavily Modded Don't Starve, With MANY New Characters To Choose From And Many New Ways To Survive And Die And At One Point This Modpack Might Actually Make It Considered More Living Than Surviving, Enjoy. A LOT of Time Went Into ...
Don't Starve RPG Collection (Normal & ROG Compatible)
Collection by: Thurss [BR]
EN: Don't Starve RPG Collection is not a pack of mods that makes its easy to play, but a more realistic game (a little more), it leaves certain aspects of the game more difficult, and in certain aspects of the game easier. Subscribe and tell me what you ...
Don't Starve must needs
Collection by: UndeadWaffle101
Some mods from the Steam Workshop that might help you in times of need.
My Don't Starve Mods
Collection by: [NOR] Viking
not actually mine!!! these are the mods that i use.
Don't Starve Modded
Collection by: Duke_Jordan
These are the mods i play with Most of them at least some are there for your choice!
На что подписан
Collection by: Jack ᅠ
APG dont starve pack
Collection by: [EG]APGcyborg12
this is how we play. update #1 added 2 new characters.
The Hoove's Pack
Collection by: Kermo112
This Mod has NOTHING to actually do with Ponies just my collection of cool mods
The Final Frontier
Collection by: [FoUP]A Modest Espeon
A bunch of mods that i truly think improves the experience of Don't Starve This mod makes it somewhat easier to survive and to craft items that are usually hard to get This does not diminish the overall difficulty and forces you to make certain deci...
Make my Wolrd less boring
Collection by: ballmaple
Personal Collection : )
A Don't Starve Mod Pack
Collection by: Lok2
Just my favorites, no need to judge. Adds a lot of extra content to your game!
Adding to the vannila feel~
Collection by: gearsandstuff (for the weekend)
This collection adds to the vannilla feel for dontstarve... it dont make game easier and dont make it harder note wulfe plus should only be activated if your going to play wulfe. note the always on status dont work with mod charecters note I thin...
Bdiz4Shiz's Grand Scheme
Collection by: DAYMAN
The mods that work best, and add what is missing in don't starve. I like to focus on character specialization (starting items), world and gameplay refinement (dawn, always on stats, ect.), as well as adding craftables that should have always been craft...
Nickoli1228's Dont Starve Collection
Collection by: Nickoli1228
My collection of mods for Dont Starve WARNING: Has not been fully tested yet, ill get back onto you guys on that what did you think it was?
Jiraque's Don't Starve Mod Collection
Collection by: Gerchferder
All my Don't Starve Mods :D
Collection by: JPie_13
Title says it all.
Paxxit 2014- Don't Starve Modpack
Collection by: PaxMePro
My official awesome modpack, for Don't Starve, made like Tekkit, to make the game have more of a fun feeling! Stay Tuned For Paxxit 2015
Good mods
Collection by: thomeef23
My Pref Mods
Collection by: ShouldahadaV9
my mods that i use for Dont Starve
dont starve
Collection by: johnyminecraft
this collection is where i put all the things an ideas from the steam workshop that i find interesting
Don't Starve Mods
Collection by: Ainweian
Good mods I've tried out, most balanced, some to be used with discretion. The goal is to make the game more playable and in some cases more comfortably farmable.
Don't Starve Mods
Collection by: HammerTime
This is a collection of my favorite "Don't Starve" mods... Some of them are tweaks to gameply or just some random tweaks, And some of them ar cheats for testing 'n staff... Credit For All The Awesome Creaters Of This Mods!
Best Mods for Don't Starve
Collection by: /TWD\ Boncey
Here are the best mods for Don't Starve in my opinion.
dont starve
Collection by: larsprins
Vladdykins' "useful" optimization pack!
Collection by: Dr. Vladdykins
A mostly useful and definitely-not-cheating collection of mods and improvements that make the game significantly less of a pain in the ass! Yay!
For Darek
Collection by: TheFuncooker
by theFunCooker
Easy Science!
Collection by: Ham
Just a small collection of mods I use.
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