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Containing item: "The Destroyer Class (He's Back!)"
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New Characters and Classes
Collection by: LordZtorm
A collection of other creators new Characters and Classes for Torchlight 2 (Not tested, just added for ease of finding and keeping track of related mods)
Torchlight 2 Quick Revamp
Collection by: Snow Crash
Pretty good revamp to the vanilla game. Adds a good selection of classes and pets. Multitude of gameplay changes including: the ability to fully respec, more varied dungeons, easier to read and more intuitive interface, and better loot.
Eds Torch Compilation
Collection by: Ed94
This is a work in progress collection of all the mods I would ussally use for torchlight 2. These mods do not make the game easier, in fact it should be harder and should enhance whats already there without adding that many new gameplay mechanics. There a...
Destroyer Central!
Collection by: PHΔΠJΔM
The Destroyer class isn't in the vanilla Torchlight II game, but there are a number of mods which make him playable in TL2. I wanted to promote the Destroyer some more to TL2 players who may not be familiar with the class. So I made this page to collect...
Hero Pack
Collection by: paiper
pack of hero
Swag Pack
Collection by: Can I fancy you a giggle?
IRONFIST Collection 01
Collection by: mr godot
Synergies Mamba Pets Lots of New Class that Work! Darker UI Better Loot
Mods i use
Collection by: ChillStorms
t0x's tl2 pack
Collection by: t0xin`
this is my torchlight 2 pack
Torchlight 2
Collection by: Efilon_ToOne
ZappAidans Mod Collection For Friends
Collection by: Domino The Snake
So my friends dont have to spend time :) Lazy Alison
My mod
Collection by: Kiatight
Nothing at all.
Mr. Allard's Mod Collection
Collection by: Mr. Allard
These are the mods i've used in my playthroughs. They're listed in the, (top down), load order that i've found to work best.
Volfire x Kiyfire Mods
Collection by: Master Volfire
Mods for multiplayer torchlight Team Ups
My Favorite Torchlight 2 Mods
Collection by: KrypTo 3000
My favorite mods for Torchlight 2 that i thought were cool, and wanted to share them with others in one convienient collection Credits go to their respective owners
Collection by: Cregh
Collection by: Happy Juicer
Neos Mod List
Collection by: Neoteric
For my friends. If you happen to like it or somehow even find it, use it at your own discretion.
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