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Here you can find mods that allow nearly unlimited customization of Torchlight II. Use the GUTS Editor to change almost any aspect of the game and share your creations with the community. Click here to learn more.
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TORCHLIGHT 2 - Best Mods Pack [ FR ]
Collection by: [CPC] NoVaCoRpS
Balanced content collection.
Collection by: Ranik Ortega
A collection of mods which add content while sticking to the core gameplay as closely as possible. Content will consist of mainly classes, equipment ,Mobs/Bosses, Zones and Quests. (No 2x XP, Gold, Fame) mods or other ease of use mods that give unb...
Should be the Standard
Collection by: @Otaku_Ishi
I've decided to create a collection that should be considered the standard for all mod players. This collection will be used to enhance the game, not destroy it. So, prepare for some intense action and fun!
Collection by: Endymion107
Torchlight Button collection
Collection by: Buttons
This collection is use to make it easy for people grouped up with me to have the same mods
Torchlight II Mods for TheBoyFroWonder & Friends
Collection by: TheBoyFroWonder
10 Mods for me and my friends. They are... Alright.
TL2 for synergy replication
Collection by: eeevilOne
For use by my friends and family
Torchlight i3
Collection by: i3anaan
Collection of the mods i use
mods list
Collection by: kwamisitufa
good mods for the funs
Collection by: glock lesnar
good mods for the funs play them and funs will come to you
Minaxters Collection
Collection by: Wolf Child
Collection by: The Lost
For swaggers only.
Torchlight 2 Raven's mod list
Collection by: Neko Raven
-AoE- Clan MOD pack
Collection by: Swiger
Mod Pack that the Clan AoE uses. Created by ProfessorS.L.Y.
Easy Overhaul Compilation
Collection by: Dirty Jones
A lot of mods that I think work well with this game all while keeping the core gameplay intact.
Torchlight II Essentials
Collection by: {FCoA} Zomgrei
This is a collection of essential TL2 mods and addons that no player should be without.
finniganz picks
Collection by: finniganz
Stuff for torchlight
TickTockRob's Torchlight II Treats!
Collection by: TickTockRob
This collection contains mods which I find most useful, and which make an already great game that little bit greater. You can mix and match, as there are more than 10, but all-in-all, you should be able to make a winning combination! Please thumb ...
Compusa Gaming Mods
Collection by: txmanofgod2006
For when Compusa hard!
PK Torchlight mod pack
Collection by: Capnpaddy
Pk mods
To play with Others
Collection by: Blackmill08
A collection of mods that are tailored to be able to played with others with out over powering to much! But has the specific class mods so people dont play with out the things they wanted for there class
Private Torchlight 2 collection
Collection by: Arcanet
Mods for friends
Collection by: NeXusé | LƸgoℜDaℜko
Mods i use
Collection by: ChillStorms
-DC- MP Mods
Collection by: KawaiiInbou
The mods we're using for multiplayer TL2 amongst our group. The DC name has a legacy!
Rice Fields
Collection by: Hodor
phoenixc4 torchlight mod collection
Collection by: Phoenixc4
Mods bud er?
Collection by: Script Flippa
He sit there and played so I sit there and played. We sit there playin' as long as any two players could sit there and play.
AarBear's Little Secret
Collection by: AarBear
Pew? Gui? Word.
Torchlight 2 Mods
Collection by: Locke
Mods that I think are very handy in Torchlight.
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