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SFM Instruments
Collection by aln447
A pack of Instruments for SFM by me. The number of models will grow over time...I hope. Everything here is free, tho a credit on the final project would be nice. Awesome background image by Nonamesleft
SFM Guitars and Other Musical instruments
Collection by Vintage Sniper
Use these for your rock bands and stuff or if you want an electric guitar for one person in your movie, this is what you need, Have fun!!
IsakStopmotion´s SFM Pack
Collection by CrazySuitWalkin™
This pack includes some addons that I use to make my videos with. My youtube channel:
Collection by OscarTheFurryWusky
i use this at times all ar'nt mine
Collection by Scar_Gates
JetPro121's SFM Movie Collection
Collection by xXJeffTamPergoXx
Runbug Film Addon for Source FilmMaker
Collection by Remal | Happy New YEAR!
We are RBF Make a Team Fortress 2 Movies
DeadGaming666's Collection of Subscribed Items
Collection by DeadGaming666
Ever needed a back-up of your workshop items? Well this is my back-up collection. These are the items I have downloaded for SFM. All obejcts, items, maps, etc. goes to their respective owners. I own nothin in this collection.
herorockers sfm collection
Collection by Autistic Red Pyro(is anoyed!)
sfm collection
Fnaf and Source Filmaker maps and models.
Collection by Savannahmoomcoin
I am getting fnaf models and maps (Five nights at Freddy's 1 2 and 3, and when comes to 4 and 5 if comes to) So i don't really know lol.
FNAF 1 e 2
Collection by warren.camargo
The Crap Im Going To Use
Collection by Cam Jamin' Out
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