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Custom Monsters & ScrN Balance Bundle
Collection by: [ScrN]PooSH
All you need to run Gunslinger Perk, ScrN Balance features together with favorite community-made monsters (Brute, Shiver, Jason).
Scrake Naders Server Pack
Collection by: [ScrN]PooSH
Collection of items (excluding maps), which are used on ScrN Official Servers: Subsribe to this collection to skip long downloads before joining the server.
I need DOSH Server Collection
Collection by: [ScrN]The Janitor
Maps and Mutators needed on our custom Server.
Fox Mut
Collection by: <CH> J A' F O X
Just Random Mut for friends
Custom Monsters Balance
Collection by: [ScrN]PooSH
Balances WPC-made Brute, Shiver and Jason Voorhees to fit better all together in the game.
My Collection
Collection by: [337th] Topgun The Snicklefritz
Stuff you'll need to join my server.
IDWS Server Mods
Collection by: jalovitrue
For custom perks on IDWS dedicated server.
Collection by: Skar Stoker Corvinus
Necesario para el servidor
Rata INRI Cateador de porongas circuncidadas
Collection by: ktns
Rata es puto
IDWS KF Server Requirement
Collection by: Bisky
IDWS-Server Requirement
Stuffs I use
Collection by: Feotank
Stuffs I use
Misc of plenty
Collection by: [MPW] gty14
Just random stuff like server files, Gamemodes and Skins for your peeps :
My Server Collection
Collection by: KARASHO
Mods which are used on my Server.
Visivcous' Collection
Collection by: Visivicous
This is a collection that I and my friends use. I decided to post the collection to steam to make it easier for my friends to stay up to date. To add the weapons, I followed the guide posted here:
My Mods
Collection by: Harbinger
All of the stuff i need
Brick Bazuka Server
Collection by: ßŗīςķ_฿λzůЌά
stuff needed to join my server
KF - Mutators & Reskins
Collection by: Clumsy Smurf
sparkles collection
Collection by: MrSparkles
just random mixture of killingfloor stuff
Deez Nuts
Collection by: LIL' JON
My Killing Floor Stuff
Collection by: Big Guy
Big Zam
Collection by: miKoTo
Go away
Killing Floor junk
Collection by: Sophistic
SKW Server
Collection by: [SKW]ScaredKid"BackFromTheDead"
The items I used on my server
Random killing floor stuff ...
Collection by: Tankbuster
Random stuff xD
Collection by: whiskasdacat
Killing Floor Setup
Collection by: Fire
Personal setup for use with friends Subscribe to everything here, start Killing Floor, look for the names of the mods at the top right in the main menu. When they stop changing, wait a few seconds then restart Killing Floor. If you want to play s...
For Dale
Collection by: Rconian
for dale
Collection by: Blake The Purple Husky
V01D's KF Server
Collection by: V01D
Just the collection for my friends to use so they can join.
Subscribe For Weapons
Collection by: Dragon Bro
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