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DooM 3 Monsters Full Pack - ScrN Edition
Collection by: [ScrN]PooSH
Collection of workshop items required to run KF game with DooM 3 mosters.
Doom 3
Collection by: Marco
A complete Doom 3 monsters pack. This mod is a port and heavily modified from Unreal Tournament 2004's Doom 3 monsters pack by INIQUITOUS (download link for that pack is dead). This monster pack contains nearly all monsters from Doom 3 and Doom 3 Ro...
Killingfloor Doom3 Story Mappack
Collection by: Lethal_Vortex
This is a mappack for the doom3 mutator. everything u need is in this collection the map names are named kf-d3 Some maps u have to collect parts in order to complete the level other u have to explore the landscape kf-d3Farm - Clear out houses ...
Lethalvortex Full pack
Collection by: Lethal_Vortex
full collection everything complete with all mods required. for the ppl who dont like to click subscribe to all maps seperated
Sexta Bruta Collection
Collection by: Sumo
Scrake Naders Server Pack
Collection by: [ScrN]PooSH
Collection of items (excluding maps), which are used on ScrN Official Servers: Subsribe to this collection to skip long downloads before joining the server.
I need DOSH Server Collection
Collection by: [ScrN]The Janitor
Maps and Mutators needed on our custom Server.
Killing Floor Maps and Muts
Collection by: PandaKensai
Mutators and maps for awesomeness!
Killing Foor+ Pack.
Collection by: L4Dtrooper
L4Dtrooper made a list with te best maps and guns to play with in the KF+ pack.
Smoker's Killing Floor Mods + Maps
Collection by: Smoker
Mods Maps for my friends to get.
Mods for KF by FL@Y
Collection by: Ваня
Pack for people,who like KF :3
Killing floor???
Collection by: Paddy Triggerfinger
Ragnarok gaming Kill Floor
Collection by: Cidvond
This is for Ragnarok gaming Kill Floor server.
My Mods
Collection by: Harbinger
All of the stuff i need
Collection by: シセル Shiseru
[AWP] Alpha Wolf Pack
Collection by: Bag Of Fritos
I'm mr. meeseek's, look at me!
Dreadful Killing Floor Add Ons
Collection by: Dreadful
SKW Server
Collection by: [SKW]ScaredKid
The items I used on my server
Gigantic Compilation of mods for playing on my server.
Collection by: Babby
This is just a collection of mods I use for my own setup (You have to do some manual editing to get it together yourself, but to play MP on my server it should be fine.)
KF Stuff
Collection by: FireWarrior Kais
Collection by: BlightFight
KF Colllection
Collection by: Themag76
RB Killing Floor
Collection by: Rob║n
It's pretty awesome! :D
Server Stuff
Collection by: xEisbrecherx
Stuff for my server
Collection by: Light Yagami (BDay in 3 days!)
Asuna's Custom Killing Floor NEW
Collection by: Asuna Bluetiful
Hudson's Killing Floor Collection
Collection by: Havalynii
Sweet mods for Killing Floor.
Random killing floor stuff ...
Collection by: Tankbuster
Random stuff xD
Zed Collection
Collection by: Sir Swerving
This is where the Twar's live, get you one!
Collection by: Anli Crayonli
These are some mods for my friends and I. Kthx.
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