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Map Pack - Killing Floor
Collection by Fire
Maps released on the Steam Workshop for Killing Floor located in one single Map Pack. Credit goes to map maker. Don't forget to rate and comment! Download Size of Pack: about 17.26 GB (17675.076 MB) Last updated: March 9, 2014 Use the 'Subscribe to...
Fel's Map pack
Collection by Fel
These are maps made by yours truly. A varaity of mission maps as well as standard vinilla maps. enjoy.
Bloody Red Ferrari Server: 3rd Party Files
Collection by Darth Schumy
This is the complete collection of third party files (Maps, Mutators, etc), clients will need to play on the Bloody Red Ferrari server. The "Bloody Red Ferrari #7" does not have a redirect service at the moment. Without a redirect service, players are...
STBC Killing Floor
Collection by iGhost4U
The map list used by SupposedToBeComedy
A 2tm Collection
Collection by 2™
2tm's Collection
My KL MoDs
Collection by ↯↯Alice↯↯
Killing Floor Toodles~
Collection by Skully
Yoy yo yo yaoi
Jason Statham Friendship Brigade
Collection by Trent
A collection of maps and other mods for the brigade
Lucifer's KF Daemon - Maps
Collection by ~★PetSquirrel★~
Maps that I use in my server that are available on the workshop. Obviously, this list is not extensive as there are many maps that are installed that aren't available on the workshop, yet. They are the following : KF-2005BioticsLab KF-2005Manor K...
a collection of mods & maps i use on my server for ease of downloading
Collection by [KSGC]Esanator
Abattoir Maps
Collection by cmicroc
Some of the custom maps in use on the Abattoir Servers that have a compatible version available from the steam workshop. Feel free to subscribe to some or all of these so you dont have to wait for the dowloads from the server, and so they dont expire f...
The Big Boss's Custom Server Mods
Collection by Big Boss
This collection is simply the set of modifications for Killing Floor that me and my group personally use for local use. If you've got some friends, Hamachi, and a little bit of time, then I highly reccomend using this set of modifications and maps. ...
KF Weapons
Collection by t0ast
for friends, gotta go fast
Let the Bodies Hit the Floor
Collection by Khaoscontrol777
Collection by Onkel Kuschel
KF DePheogon Collection
Collection by Dephoegon
A collection maps, scenario, guns, & skins.
Collection by ILSUKKUN
Sinuhe7Ra Map Pack
Collection by Sinuhe7Ra
For my friends.
Collection by Fluffy Fox
top shelf
sparkles collection
Collection by ☢MrSparkles☢
just random mixture of killingfloor stuff
Server Maps / Items [Nezz]
Collection by NezzKryptic
Maps & Items used for my Killing Floor Server
RB Killing Floor
Collection by Rob║n
It's pretty awesome! :D
Custom Maps
Collection by F I R E
Custom Maps for Killing Floor
Space Pirates KF Stuff
Collection by Slurpee #にゃ!
Hudson's Killing Floor Collection
Collection by Havalynii
Sweet mods for Killing Floor.
Maps N Shit
Collection by Psychedelic
Just a bunch of compatible mods I gathered for Killing Floor mainly all maps
Collection by Ojikori
This is for downloading only.
Calvin's Pack
Collection by SirLawl
Things for my Server
Collection by Kuma-Kun
My drill is the drill that will pierce the heavens!
KF Maps lol
Collection by Demonic
The whitelist is dead, long live the whitelist!
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