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Aliens Killing Floor
Collection by WPC Mods
UPDATE: Ok, turns out SteamWorkshop is being a bitch. Use with the manual install. @Hinsonator; Thanks for giving folks the heads up. Complete collection for the WPC Aliens : KillingFloor MANUAL INSTALL HELP Having...
Killing Floor Alien Mod
Collection by KiriSaito
Killing Floor Aliens Mod: El mod se compone de: Perks: Armas: Enemigos: Personajes: Página web oficial WPC
Hardys Place (Killing Floor)
Collection by Arpegius
Hardys Place Server
Smoker's Killing Floor Mods + Maps
Collection by Smoker
Mods Maps for my friends to get.
Misc of plenty
Collection by [MPW][SOZ] gty14
Just random stuff like server files, Gamemodes and Skins for your peeps :
My Mods
Collection by Harbinger
All of the stuff i need
PyroOrange Server Collections
Collection by PyroOrange
List of Addons and Maps i have on my server for playing with friends.
Valtor's Friends
Collection by Valtor
Collection by ILSUKKUN
Awesome Game Modes (collected by K1r0cK)
Collection by K1R0CK
AKF - Aliens Killing Floor and mod created by WPC - Wolf Pack Clan ( ( Dead Space KF - Killing Floor mod created by [WPC]Hemi ( Enjoy!...
Love is what makes a Subaru a Subaru
Collection by Butch DeLoria
Young children died to make this collection.
KF DePheogon Collection
Collection by Dephoegon
A collection maps, scenario, guns, & skins.
Gigantic Compilation of mods for playing on my server.
Collection by Babby
This is just a collection of mods I use for my own setup (You have to do some manual editing to get it together yourself, but to play MP on my server it should be fine.)
zabijająca podłoga
Collection by Chruppek
Assthrasher 5000
Collection by A George Foreman Grill
Fisting the misters including the sisters
Mah collection
Collection by Boses
The stuff I have in Killing Floor.
Collection by CorruptComputer
So there are no errors.
Collection by Propeller Boy
Collection by shlanx
for jav
Hudson's Killing Floor Collection
Collection by Havalynii
Sweet mods for Killing Floor.
Collection by Aerus
Collection by Roothair
good times with friends
Collection by A Dirty Worm
Kenny's Subscription List
Collection by Liquid Mantis
My Entire Subscription List.
MGH Killing Floor Map and Mod Collection
Collection by Centauri Soldier
This is a complete list of the Killing Floor maps and mods to which the Mad Gamer Hideout members subscribe.
Assorted maps
Collection by Preachyr
A collection of mods and maps to share with my friends so we are all using the same ones.
Spec Agt HUNK's collection for friends
Collection by Seductive Sharkbait
Just download it.
Modded Server
Collection by aGoldenTaco
Tralala killing floor hahaha
Collection by fruitpow
kuhle sachen
Awesome Collection
Collection by Kablam69
A collection of everything I have in my workshop, not sure if it all works but I have it.
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