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maps etc
Collection by: Musical-Phoenix
V01D's KF Server
Collection by: V01D
Just the collection for my friends to use so they can join.
Sexy Fagets
Collection by: Kawaii Five-0
Sexy Fagets Only
VoidNull Collection
Collection by: VoidNull
Killing Floor Character/weapon/map pack
Collection by: Jamie Fox
A pack for Killing Floor
Odd Server Mods
Collection by: Mr. Odd
These are the mods that I use in my listen server, Odd Server. These mods add weapons, skins, maps, and gameplay altering mechanics. These work very well with solo play, because one mod gives you AI bots to play with.
Things for my Server
Collection by: Kuma-Kun
My drill is the drill that will pierce the heavens!
Collection by: |||||||||||||||||||||||||||
For Frands
Collection by: Smoothjazz
This is for frands
LAN Setup
Collection by: Gerak
Collection by: Dr Goodshaft
Larry's KF Server Maps
Collection by: Italian God of War
This is a collection of custom maps running on Larry's KF Server
Killing floor
Collection by: Pariah
killing floor add-ons & maps
Custom Maps
Collection by: Martin
A collection of maps I use
Collection by: Doom
All maps, No Limits, Final destination
Collection by: duhsveti
Map Box
Collection by: Ormog
A collection of FK maps.
Spec Agt HUNK's collection for friends
Collection by: Spec Agt HUNK
Just download it.
RANT's pack
Collection by: celejus
A pack of things (mostly maps) I like. Recommended for those who play on my server.
Bunch of Maps
Collection by: Kythesis
Maps that I'm going to use when I host. This collection is to make it easy for my friends to download the maps.
ADSmece Collection
Collection by: duhsveti
Sve na jednom mjestu
Stuff for my server
Collection by: William
Killing Floor Add-Ons
Collection by: L'Elephant Sausage
Killing Floor add-ons.
Killing the suckas
Collection by: ThatOpKraken
best no zombie awsomeness!!!!
my col
Collection by: Morgoth
for a friend
Tits McGee
Collection by: TheGrapist517
The Tits
Guys Games and Beer
Collection by: Travisaur
Maps for the G2B Server
Mods for my server >:3
Collection by: Katsy The チキン
McGurks Picks
Collection by: Fishbone
"Have you ever had, you know . . . one of those days?" "SHUT UP, DAVE!" Pizza Time!!!
Maps N Shit
Collection by: NinesThousand
Just a bunch of compatible mods I gathered for Killing Floor mainly all maps
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