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Map Pack - Killing Floor
Collection by: Fire
Maps released on the Steam Workshop for Killing Floor located in one single Map Pack. Credit goes to map maker. Don't forget to rate and comment! Download Size of Pack: about 13.93 GB (14263.673 MB) Last updated: June 15, 2014 FAQ: Frequently Asked...
I need DOSH Server Collection
Collection by: [ScrN]The Janitor
Maps and Mutators needed on our custom Server.
Saeri's KF stuff
Collection by: Waudozer
Basicly the things I'll use with my friends, all credits goes to the rightful owners.
Killing Floor Maps and Muts
Collection by: PandaKensai
Mutators and maps for awesomeness!
ScrN Balance Official Custom Maps
Collection by: [ScrN]PooSH
Comunity-made map collection that is required for gaining achievements in Total Game Balance mod. Maps not included (not present in the Workshop): 1. Aventine 2. Corner Market 3.The Long Dark Road
Jason Statham Friendship Brigade
Collection by: Trent
A collection of maps and other mods for the brigade
Astral's Map Pack
Collection by: [URQ] Astral
Just a collection of maps
Abattoir Maps
Collection by: cmicroc
Some of the custom maps in use on the Abattoir Servers that have a compatible version available from the steam workshop. Feel free to subscribe to some or all of these so you dont have to wait for the dowloads from the server, and so they dont expire f...
My KL MoDs
Collection by: ↯↯NickiOnCore↯↯
Stuffs I use
Collection by: Feotank
Stuffs I use
WhiteListed item
Collection by: Chiaki
These "mutators and custom maps" are used my listen server "Chiaki-Server". So,if you would like to enter my server, you have to subscribe these items. + All subscribe is useful for downloading All!! You should click it. * "Whitelisted" means you c...
Killing Floor Group Pack
Collection by: Redunknown1
Members of Special Green Force are Urged to download this pack.
sparkles collection
Collection by: MrSparkles
just random mixture of killingfloor stuff
KF DePheogon Collection
Collection by: DePhoegon
A collection maps, scenario, guns, & skins.
Gigantic Compilation of mods for playing on my server.
Collection by: Babby
This is just a collection of mods I use for my own setup (You have to do some manual editing to get it together yourself, but to play MP on my server it should be fine.)
Cool Custom maps
Collection by: The Girthquake
Good maps
KF Fav Custom Maps
Collection by: Hardkoala Gamer
Haskell's Map List
Collection by: 1215drew
Just the list of maps for my friends
Tumpon Killing Floor Map Kokoelma
Collection by: Tumpo
Täs ois mun collection KF workshop itemeistä. Napatkaa kaikki! :) Kaikki ei välttämättä oo whitelisted, mut sinänsä pitäs olla ku ei nuo ole kuin mappeja.
Killing floor map collection
Collection by: Dr. Cactus
Collection by: MooseAMuffin
Pack of items I like!
KF Workshop DA BES
Collection by: Mr. Abe Horince
MapPack KF
Collection by: k1ngfuk
A Package of my fav kf maps. :)
Collection by: Arthur
Para el grupo OGT
Awesome Collection
Collection by: xX Ev0lve
A collection of everything I have in my workshop, not sure if it all works but I have it.
RANT's pack
Collection by: Celejus
A pack of things (mostly maps) I like. Recommended for those who play on my server.
VoidNull Collection
Collection by: VoidNull
Hudson's Killing Floor Collection
Collection by: Havalynii
Sweet mods for Killing Floor.
Spec Agt HUNK's collection for friends
Collection by: =AJSA= Spec Agt HUNK
Just download it.
Kenny's Subscription List
Collection by: Kenny:D - Stirring Octopus
My Entire Subscription List.
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