Sid Meier's Civilization V
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Maps, Scenarios, Interface, and so much more. Explore the modding world of Civ V, and when you’re ready, download the SDK to create and upload your own.
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Mods I use
Collection by: [SnS] Skybox
Mr Newgamer's Civ-Spansion (BNW edition)
Collection by: radsix
This is a collection that is designed to be both smp and for Brave New World unlike the Gods and Kings edition. This also adds in a few mods that are only available with BNW. This is the modpack that you can use when playing with your friends, so nuke th...
Civ 5 stuff
Collection by: Dejavu
For Friends
Collection by: tcm
Collection by: BlazeKnight_SLK
Sid Meier's Civilization V
Collection by: TheSpecialOne
My Sid Meier's Civilization V
Nick look at dis
Collection by: Younger Toguro
Caricifus MP Mod Pack
Collection by: Caricifus
List of mods my foolish friends and I use (or attempt to use) will inform how it works for multiplayer.
[G&K/BNW] Fitter, Happier, More Productive, Comfortable, Not Drinking Too Much
Collection by: Wombat has a Wet Leaf
A collection so that I can easily download the shit i'm subscribed to when the workshop breaks. Go away! We don't want your kind here.
Muh fav mods
Collection by: Kahnoa
Collection by: barclaybond
Collection by: Tnin
Tween' you an me... he's a real asshole
My Mod Collection
Collection by: Andrew Ryan
My Collection
Civ V Basic Mods
Collection by: mutlik48
All of them compatible with BNW and each of us. Usuable and small add-ons.
Collection by: massimilianobalducci
Not yet full tested
ModPack Signur 1
Collection by: Signur
My first modpack. Backep up.
good mods
Collection by: Adrianplay
for friends
All Subscriptions
Collection by: TheLibrarian-
Collection by: tapooll
MY Mods
Collection by: CactusBearPig
___Civ Dawn___
Collection by: Solitary_Panda
Esben er treg
Collection by: Sound
for you...
Used Mods
Collection by: King Capt. Whip Alot the III
James' Aesthetic Collection
Collection by: jodonnell
Non-gameplay affecting mods for sharing with friends
Mods aprobados por el gobierno de Jilgueria
Collection by: nghtmrxxx
Mods con los que me gusta jugar
Mods Aprobados por el gobierno de Jilgueria
Collection by: nghtmrxxx
Los mods con los que me gusta jugar
Buttonmasher3's Collection of Mods Lite
Collection by: Buttonmasher3
Various mods I found around the workshop. They all work together. *Still under heavy change* (so dont be surprised by bugs and the addition/ removal of mods)
Civ V balanced realism
Collection by: Asmodeus
Mods. So many mods that work well together and doesn't add overpowered crap -well, not too overpowered crap- [pls ignore irrelevant image at the top :B ]
Collection by: Christian Lindner
Civ 5 Collecte
Collection by: Klakin
alles nötige für ein gutes Spiel
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