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The Civilization 4 Experience Mega Modpack
Collection by: Baleur
Mainly a collection of my own personal choice of mods to keep the whole thing somewhat manageable and collected for future re-installs. Apologize for the formatting of this entry, for now it's a quick feature list. For Brave New World. This is a mons...
civ 5 mods
Collection by: byth2
Collection by: Sirisma
A collection of all my current mods I use in the game.
Collection by: Tim Booty Wilson
Favourite CIV Mods
Collection by: Xero Sauce
Civ5 Mod Essentials
Collection by: tyaper
Must haves for Civ5! Or so I think.
Civ V mods
Collection by: Acdop100
Modpack for me and friends
Civilization V - Mod Collection
Collection by: Orikon
My personal collection of the best mods for Civilization V;adding more maps,fixing a few balance issues,improving the AI,unit textures,and overall gameplay while keeping the core of the game similliar to vanilla. Also great for beginners who don't want t...
Collection by: Recayn
Collection by: Fredyfred
PKArrk's TSL Collection
Collection by: PKArrk
I don't claim to own any of these mods, this collection is for me and perhaps others' enjoyment.
Collection by: Zirix
Oi m8
Civilization 5 Challenge Mods
Collection by: syzorr
This is the collection I am using for Civ 5 during my challenge to complete all 4 victory conditions.
Civ 5 Mods
Collection by: tomcasline
My Mods
Collection by: HardwarJo
My fave mods
Civ V
Collection by: 1robknapp
Collection by: Noein
Civ 5 should be play like this !!
Collection by: OinkOink!!!
My Favourite mods
Collection by: Cysion
the mods i use at the moment, i strongly recomend them
Civilization V: From Dust
Collection by: (Extra) Festive Luna
This Collection adds a ton of new ways to play! Play large or tall Peaceful Or warmonger like New things from the start to the end of the game Made of community mods Needs GaK + BNW
WrooP Mods+
Collection by: WrooP
A good gameplay enhancement collection. (Mainly for personal use) Fix; Should now work for Multiplayer.
Civ 5 MP Stuff
Collection by: Chaqa @ Clams
For MP.
Flashovr's Essentials
Collection by: Flashover
These are the Mods I find really bring out the best in Civ5. Enjoy!
fredricks meow
Collection by: Fredrick
Collection by: grrrenson
Collection by: PineappleSwiss
SniperNoSniping's Modded Civ5 Collection
Collection by: [FAZE]Sniper_No_Sniping!
This is a collection made for me and my friends, feel free to use it if you want.
Mods I use
Collection by: [SnS] Skybox
Mr Newgamer's Civ-Spansion (BNW edition)
Collection by: radsix
This is a collection that is designed to be both smp and for Brave New World unlike the Gods and Kings edition. This also adds in a few mods that are only available with BNW. This is the modpack that you can use when playing with your friends, so nuke th...
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