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Magnolia's swell handpicked greenlight games.
Collection by: Magnolia Caboose Babyshit
Only the bestest of games! Babyshit seal of approval
rogue-like & procedurally generated
Collection by: i3ayezid
rogue-like & procedurally generated games!
Shenocide's Greenlight Wishlight
Collection by: Aleksandr Pistoletov
It's my shit.
My Favourite Games in Steam Greenlight
Collection by: inferno986return
Games that have either been Greenlit or hopefully will get Greenlit. These games haven't hit the Steam storefront yet, but I look forward to them reaching there. :-)
Games I Want Collection!
Collection by: Schutn
All the greenlight games I want to have on Steam.
Must have
Collection by: Greggho
Collection by: Senechal
Would like.
Really Really Want
Collection by: AmbassadorMatt™
I, uh, want these p. badly.
Games I Might Buy
Collection by: Motabor1963
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