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Actually good looking games
Collection by DivineWolf
Games that actually have some promise, and are worth being greenlit.
Ones to Watch
Collection by Trigon
Games in development worth following.
Collection by SerXZ
[ Greenlit an eye #.# ]
Collection by Dark Riddler
Some promising / alternative games.
Cute RPGs
Collection by Qahnaarin Selvi
Cute Indie games I like on Greenlight.
Collection by Apeeatape
All cool metroidvanias
Must Buys
Collection by LightningZombie
A collection of games I found note worthy.
Collection by Silver Dragon
To Be Released
Games VirgateSpy knows will be awesome.
Collection by VirgateSpy
Games with beautiful visual aesthetics and style, with good controls, and with innovative and/or just plain fun gameplay. Basically the games which I'm most looking forward to.
The Games I Will Definitely Buy/Get/Play from Greenlight
Collection by withche07
My personal favourites.
Greenlight stuff
Collection by Beat Synthix
name says it all
Collection by Neville's Hat
Collection by Ein
My 2013 Greenlight Favorites
Collection by Jedo.sick
These are my favorite greenlight items that were posted/greenlit in 2013! Some of these games look so fun for co-op that I'll be picking a few from the list for some co-op action. When these games come out, I'll be buying 4-packs to distribute to fe...
R@!NBRO$ Approved
Collection by R@!NBRO$
My collection of Greenlit items tend to be mostly Indie and Action games. I choose these items based on what seems the most impressive, well thought out, and fun. These are the games that I hope to eventually see out on the Steam Market and be avalible ...
My carefully hand-picked Greenlight favorites
Collection by Kamiya
My collection runs the gamut from platformers to rpgs to fps 8 bit games. I especially love games with depth and most of the ones I picked have controller support (I, like you guys, am anticipating a Steam box.) Please send me recommendations if you lik...
The Best Indie Pixel Games I Can Find
Collection by Fuckin' Ram
To Buy List
Collection by StubbornGab
Must-Purchases for my Mac
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