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Collection by Wolft22
Collection by P.Yzb. Deadlook
Collection by KarmaLN | ELHS
Kuritho's Greenlight Collection
Collection by Kuritho
A list of games I really want (need in order to live).
Collection by Uyo
A collection of games that I am awaiting to be available.
Collection by actual jew
Collection by fabiancafe
W tej kolekcji znajdziemy produkty, na które czekam, aż zostaną wydane, aby je przetestować :)
Collection by Noble Judgment
it has stuff
F2P Games
Collection by jitterbeans
A collection of f2p games i might take for a spin!
The Best Greenlight Games. Ever.
Collection by Fortune Fog
I've gone through hours upon hours of searching, and I have found quite possibly the best greenlit games out there.
Collection by TazerGuy
Kolekcja Greenlightu pana Bosika
Collection by Call my dad, whoever that is
Te gry so tok ciekowe, że trza w nie kiedyś pogroć c:
FPS & Co: greenlightés (
Collection by netsabes
First-Person Shooters, simulateurs de meurtres, ego-shooters et jeux d'horreur/exploration/puzzle en vue subjective. Greenlightés, en attente de sortie.
Greenlit Games
Collection by Sygnis
Collection by DozeR_
Hey :)
Collection by Antiminor
Graeme's votes
Collection by Graeme
The ~4% of games Graeme has given a yes to on Greenlight.
Good Game (GG)
Collection by VIP
Steam: Greenlight Collection
Collection by itsjaxonO
A personal collection of my favorite games on the Steam Greenlight and Greenlight Concepts pages. If you comment below with a link to your game, I will delete it. If I like your game, I'll find it on my own and add it.
October 2nd Batch of Greenlight Titles
Collection by ChrisK
This is the collection of titles Greenlit on October 2nd, 2013 and offered worldwide distribution via Steam. As with past batches, these titles will be released independently in the weeks or months ahead, as they complete development and integrate any S
List of FPS from Greenlight
Collection by Binco
GreenLightに登録されているFPSをまとめた個人用の一覧。 (一人称ホラーや銃火器を扱わないサバイバル物は除く)
Favorite Games
Collection by ErectNarwhal69
A collection of games I want because they're so awesome and they give me interest. :P Feel free to look if you want
Greenlit Games
Collection by WulfMaan
This is a collection that includes awesome Steam Greenlight games!
my stuff
Collection by frosty flakes
Collection by Dango
Fun Games on the spot, Free to Play fun
Collection by <"Jakeulous">
This collection is about the "Great" games that I prefer Purchasing them and Playing them for long Hours. These Games in my Collection is greatly hand picked and graphically "AMAZED" me for it's status of Development and Publishing... I myself, hope that y
must have/ interesting
Collection by Sir.Culocane
Collection by Barack Obama
it is games i will play on a letsplay
The Best Games
Collection by ¤ FiuRy ¤
Shooter, Zombie, Adventure, Terror,Indie,Famous,
Collection by Hanzo
Collection of awesome free to play games I find on Greenlight. What do I mean by awesome? Well I mean games that just make you go:"wow that's cool"(in a stereotypical 13 year old boy voice). I'm looking forward to all of these games. Of course some might d
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