The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
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Collection by: luvfords
Collection by: Stycks
Grundaustattung für mein Skyrim
Enhanced Skyrim Overhaul (Steam Workshop Items Only)
Collection by: CrazyItalian
This collection includes visuals, sounds, quests, and other tweaks i felt made Skyrim more enjoyable for myself. There are about 100 mods all of which are compatible with eachother, as far as I can tell, I have played over 20 hours with all mods installed...
Essential Skyrim Mods
Collection by: UrKungFuNoGood
This is a small list of mods that are essential to improving the basics of Skyrim.
deaths collection
Collection by: ĐĒÅŦĦŜPĪŦŦĒЯ_4ФЌ
Collection by: kalathi10
My Mods
Collection by: air7sparky
My saved collection.
KittyAng3l's Mod Collection
Collection by: KittyAng3l
These are all the mods I am running, including some others i will list here in the description. SKSE : Elin mod : Poet follower : http://...
Collection by: Antisocial
ComplexGoat's Mega Modded Skyrim Mod Collection!
Collection by: ComplexGoat
These are a collection of 200+ mods that I use in an ongoing series on my Twitch Channel. This collection includes mods that increase the graphics of the game, and mods that are just plain stupid such as the Goat follower. Pointless, but fun. Keep in mind...
Me And Bro Stuff 112233
Collection by: Bunnygum
Nice Overall Skyrim Experience
Collection by: joethetoe
I have tested these and used them for a few weeks now and all runs great on my pc. Big enhancement of graphics. Some of these mods require some or all the dlc. Pick and choose or subscribe to all. I mainly made this so i could find all the mo...
Sairtar's Collection
Collection by: Sairtar
Just a collection for friends, no need to sub or comment.
Skyrim Mods
Collection by: kaypatzke
To Alex
Collection by: Fernqvist
Sod off
My Skyrim Shit
Collection by: NTB Spazatron
Collection by: TICKETS
These are just the mods that I like the most.
woefulgal's subscribed mods
Collection by: woefulgal
These are the mods that WoefulGal has subscribed to
Collection by: Flip™
Commander Shepards Collection
Collection by: Commander Shepard ツ
Sajian's collection
Collection by: **High Commander Sajian**
my collection of skyrim mods
Нордские всадники
Collection by: SOLO > LeadBIt
Самые основные моды расширяющие геймплей, новые наемники, мод для ручной прокачки и настройки ии наемников, мод для настройки лошадей, заме...
Rob's Skyrim Experience
Collection by: Bjinala
This collection is of all the mods I use when playing Skyrim. They are a mix of visual and convenience enhancements, with a good bit of new content thrown in as well. None of these mods are lore breaking.
My humble Collection
Collection by: Benklingz
Just a collection of mods that I'm using from the Skyrim Steam Workshop. Got so many other mods from Nexus :D
Skyrim Mods
Collection by: Denpahg
Make skyrim fun and immersive
Collection by: kimallison
a bunch of mods that makes skyrim interesting, fun and immersive
Collection by: jim_bob_22
better graphics
PnP's Immersion Collection
Collection by: Prideless and Prejudice
The ultimate collection of my favorite Skyrim mods that not only increase how immersive the game is, but makes it more fun to play.
"Must use" Skyrim mods
Collection by: Bradleyjl
Mods that absolutely have to be used with Skyrim
Version 1.1
Collection by: Nomak}2LP{™
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