The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
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My humble Collection
Collection by: Benklingz
Just a collection of mods that I'm using from the Skyrim Steam Workshop. Got so many other mods from Nexus :D
Version 1.1
Collection by: Nomak}2LP{™
Turtle Pack
Collection by: Lonely Turtle
Realism pack, Recommended for crossbow users or Sword and shield types, heavy armor. Most of the mods are to make the world more lively.
Collection by: Lucasif The Odd
Mom collection
Collection by: Viper1956DL
A collection of mods for mom
People's Skyrim (Gameplay and Fixes)
Collection by: Buraki-Zorusu
Bethesda should have finished the job, not modders.
shoobs mods
Collection by: LordCoventry
fo thomas
Collection by: BabyFaC3
fo thomas
Collection by: Brizzol
The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - Realism Collection
Collection by: Brayden Fox
For those who think skyrim should be more realistic and challenging.
The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - Vanilla +
Collection by: Brayden Fox
This collection adds fun mods that dont add much in the way of content but change some of the original game.
Simons Adds
Collection by: S.A.K.
einfach abbonieren habe nen bug und mach die kollektion zum wieder downloaden
Syrim Gameplay Enhancements
Collection by: raqi-p
personal collection
Skyrim Frankie
Collection by: Alwein
Creada para Piy.
Nice mods to skyrim
Collection by: Neikopp
Refined Skyrim Mods
Collection by: codemaster2b
Good list of compatible mods to enhance my skyrim playthrough. Requires Unofficial patches and SMIM installed first
Collection by: igge
Collection by: I got it
Swift's Skyrim+ (lore friendly mods for the true sons of skyrim)
Collection by: Mark Freeman, Space Janitor
for those of you who want to really get out there and get immersed in skyrim, skyrim, and MORE skyrim, this colletion of mods will be aimed at you. not crazy armies, no super OP death weapons, just mods that focus on adding new places, weapon variants, a...
Collection by: vkjgbaejkhbekj
Prisoner. We've all had that one character. The Umega playthrough. The one where you beat every guild, get to level 2fucking00, legendary your muffle until you vomit. This mod collection is for my next "Prisoner". It's aim is to add as much gameplay (...
The Nerevarine
Collection by: vkjgbaejkhbekj
This one is really just for me. I am currently playing/ tossing around ideas for this "Morrowind-ish" playthrough. If anyone sees this and feels like sending me a link to anything they feel I might enojy in this playthrough, feel free to! No idea ye...
starter mods for the kirklands
Collection by: Dovahkiin
some starter mods for my friends.
My Mods
Collection by: DebonaireSnake6
Everything i use
The Count
Collection by: vkjgbaejkhbekj
Hey Guys, All my mod Collections will be based off of character/Role play, playthroughs that I do. I do not publish the Collection until I've completed my playthrough as to try and make sure that there are no mod conflicts. Now for a little Role pl...
Ok my collection of all the mods I use
Collection by: [=AWOL=] SturdyWings|Adrian
LOL XD i dont know why steam makes me write this stuff out but ok lol i dont even know mang.... anyway #werf and i cant even and yea
Skyrim Compendium - Extras
Collection by: Immortal_Daemon
All mods compatible with my other mod pack. NOTE: Skyrim has a mod limit of 256. You will have to pick and choose from this list if you've subscribed to all of the mods in my other collections.
MM - collection
Collection by: Чудесный Калич
Skyrim Modded
Collection by: CKeldor300
List of Mods on the Nexus (install the Nexus Mod Manager or your choice of a manager): (Due to complexity of some mods or rather no permission to upload on Steam Workshop, I'm listing the mods I use.)
All my skyrim mods
Collection by: remye11
Exploding Chickins
Corbin's Collection
Collection by: Corbono2
Pretty complete and awesome
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