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Collection by Magnivilator
My own collection. I invite you to try :D
Collection by Aiderona
The mods i use.
My personal mod collection
Collection by 1234
This is just a collection of all the Skyrim mod I am using at the moment
The Kroindaal Pack Version 1
Collection by Kroindaal
Kroindaal's Personal Collection. No DLC required. None of the mods below require any DLC.
Raigus Collection
Collection by .Hundsmann
Mods i like you need those mods and programms too: you need to register on the nexus to download something nexus mod manager: unofficial skyrim patch: all ot...
HD Females/Skyrim
Collection by Its Vrixal
In this mod pack i tried to make skyrim and females look good in the game for people who have bad computers so that theres not a whole lot of lag
Collection by Y'vvel
Stuff I'm Subscribed To
Collection by Marc Antony
For friends
Dodgers Enhanced Skyrim
Collection by [TPG]TheTerribleDodgerOfBullets
UI Enhancements
Collection by KI113R L3M0NZ
SKY UI and HUD reduction.
My little Skyrim
Collection by Éyes on You
My own little collection.
Skyrim more enemies, NPCs, improved followers and tons of extra weapons, armor and quests. All with better graphics!
Collection by Ashslayer
This collection is meant to make Skyrim feel more alive and add a lot to the game, without breaking it by having way too many mods. Not all mods I use are in this collection so here is a list: Dawnguard DLC Dragonborn DLC HearthFires DLC Colorful M...
Immersion Pack
Collection by Dio The Great
I use these mods to make the game look and feel better. The night is dark, as you would expect night to be. You need a light. I added a few weapon/armor mods to suit the feel I enjoy but most will be small things that only add to the experience of playing...
Collection by Mizzazz
Bonehead14 collection
Collection by Bonehead14
Standard Build
Collection by joelstephenb
Skyrim for Tracey
Collection by klesh
This is a collection for my friend Tracey; she is new to Skyrim. Other folks can disregard this collection.
Best cyka Skyrim mods
Collection by lodstyle
My essential Skyrim mods
Collection by Quentin
My standard Skyrim mods. Essential for my gameplay experience.
Collection by ProPhilosophy
Dovahkiin Warrior
Collection by five lemurs
Good combination of graphics boosts, equipment add-ons, map markers, and player leveling for a warrior character
Reccomended Mods
Collection by Sentries, what do you see?
My reccomended Skyrim mods. Should be not create any conflicts.
Skyrim :)
Collection by Alex
For LuLu
Collection by Chaplike
For lick lulu who needs my amazing mod selection
All dem mods
Collection by ThaMuzzen
thePrussia collection
Collection by BilfordWimbley
Just a bunch of mods I have found useful since starting to play Skyrim. I'll be updating it as I remove or add mods.
Skyrim Newbie Immersion P Collection (P for performance)
Collection by OpenWorldAddict
This collection is for people who want alot of mods to be more immersed in their game, not have to deal with the Skyrim Nexus and it's nexus mod manager, and who want their game to be stable. This is going to be a work in progress as I add new mods to the...
adam skyrim collection
Collection by mvelasco976
Collection by Minimon100
For Fuzzy
Collection by ALL I DO IS STUN
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