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Coleção NS Games -
Collection by: Kay
Coleção especial de Mods para NS Gamers!!! Está é uma coleção com o máximo de modificações possíveis exclusivas da Steam Workshop, eu estou testando ainda a combinação de mais de 150 Mods dessa coleção e todos os que derem conflitos ...
McOgre v2
Collection by: Daddy
Daddy's good stuff :)
Skyrim mods
Collection by: Gizmoo247
List of mods I use so my friends can see.
Shadow Collection
Collection by: shadowcoco
This is a collection of mods I have used and liked.
Collection by: Spoonasaur
AgeValed - Graphic & UI
Collection by: AgeValed
Collection of Graphic and UI mods that I use on Skyrim
Skyrim collection mod
Collection by: Louis6459
Alex's Skyrim Mods
Collection by: Alex
All You Need to Enhance Skyrim
Collection by: SlieyF
Skyrim Simulation
Collection by: SSievers08
Just some mods thrown together to add more life to Skyrim. I recommend to make some of the mods work properly. Easy install.
That one collection by that guy
Collection by: f0p
PredaTurd's Picks
Collection by: PredaTurd
These are the Workshop Mods I use whenever I play The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim. It's not much of a graphical improvement but more a polish of the Vanilla Experience.
Custom Game Enhancing Pack Collection
Collection by: EXdevil
This is a collection of mods that will enhance / improve your game (and that I currently use) You'll need all DLCs if you want to download all these mods : -Heartfire -Dawnguard -Dragonborn All mods listed should be compatible. Note: a good PC m...
mods 3
Collection by: rank1 ai pc master race fuqlapto
All my mods
Collection by: Djihnx
Better graphics, more weapons.
Collection by: Henwee
These are good mods.
mods 2
Collection by: rank1 ai pc master race fuqlapto
iKindred's Essentials
Collection by: iKindred
All credit goes to the mod authors this is just a compilation so I can share with my friends. Requires SKSE (
SImple/ Quick - Skyrim Graphic Mods + Nexus
Collection by: XxMARVELVisionxX
This Collection Is a simple guide to help with structure of creating your perfect Skyrim. Listed Below are Nexus Mods: these are not required but i highly recommend them, some of these are from the workshop as well: Thornrock - A no-frills player ho...
Franivelius' collection
Collection by: Franivelius el mago
This are the mods that I use in order to make Skyrim a better game but without changing or affecting its vanilla gameplay.
Collection by: paxapum
Collection by: zhensley70
besten mods
Collection by: rank1 ai pc master race fuqlapto
Realism pack
Collection by: Ryoxxys
This is a collection of mods made to bring survival realism to Skyrim. If you want real Immersion, it has everything from hunger and thirst, to weather and temperature. - Install SKSE from for extra compatibility. REQUIRED ...
zadnej rozdil
Collection by: [ŠPEK] Orel
Collection by: Count Dankula
Pour Arman
Collection by: Salamandre Solitaire
Skyrim Compendium, Part 1 - The Essentials
Collection by: Immortal_Daemon
A collection of lore-friendly gameplay/graphics/sounds/etc. mods that should barely affect performance. NOTE: Requires SKSE for full effect.
Tanha Subs
Collection by: Don Luigi
My list of mods
Collection by: mommasboy
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