The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
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Fun, Helpful, and Aesthetically Pleasing Mods
Collection by: Winter Star
Ok my collection of all the mods I use
Collection by: [=AWOL=] SturdyWings|Adrian
LOL XD i dont know why steam makes me write this stuff out but ok lol i dont even know mang.... anyway #werf and i cant even and yea
Pretty Vanilla Skyrim
Collection by: amayaspecht
Keepin it pretty vanilla just a few non glitchy non buggy non game breaking mods :) All just to make the game prettier!
MM - collection
Collection by: MafiaSd3
Collection by: igge
monicle's setup
Collection by: filthy casual
Corbin's Collection
Collection by: Corbono
Pretty complete and awesome
Kessler Collection
Collection by: [Fe2o4]Von.Kessler
Gr8 mods m8
Collection by: Quinten
Gr8 Collections of mods to make the game look good at the cost of shitty framerates, m8.
Mods to redownload later
Collection by: HawkeyeEric
Collection by: WarTheCraft
Ralta's Collection
Collection by: =7Cav=MSG.Ralta
Die Mods die ich so benutze!
Collection by: Das_Bollwerk
Collection by: Orion^
it is for ze master
Skyrim Unbound-based True RPG Collection
Collection by: GR00V3R
This is my personal Skyrim Unbound-based "True RPG" collection. If you're looking for a hardcore RPG experience in Skyrim, along with some funky stuff to improve the overall aesthetic, this collection is for you. Also recommended are Nexus Mod Manager ...
Pioter's Choice
Collection by: PioterC
Skyrim: DTM Edition
Collection by: Dakota
My Mods
Collection by: Cap'n Jinx‎
Another better Skyrim
Collection by: Anubis
Just another "better" Skyrim collection. More or less its how I think how it looks best. ;-)
Mod's I use
Collection by: WolfSkull
These are the mods I play with and cannot really play without having installed. They all work nicely together and there is no restarting your game to use them. Good for any kind of Adventurer and play style. I go for the more game lore friendly mods but...
My Mod Pack I use
Collection by: Xenosta
Collection by: paperclip19_89
My mods (with DLC)
Collection by: MLGB0Y
I only use simple mods that slightly improve graphics or adds quests, no gameplay changes. To have all these you have to have all 3 of the DLC's, thanks to all the makers of these mods.
Skyrim mods
Collection by: Gizmoo247
List of mods I use so my friends can see.
Personal Favourites
Collection by: Otterbutt
It's simply a way to keep things synced between my game and others that want to use the same mods I have. Add it or don't. Thanks :)
Alex's Skyrim Mods
Collection by: Alex
Skyrim Simulation
Collection by: SSievers08
Just some mods thrown together to add more life to Skyrim. I recommend to make some of the mods work properly. Easy install.
Collection by: paulao o verde
mods 3
Collection by: Leononardo da Vinci of Gaming
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