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Skyrim Aesthetics and more
Collection by Tiny Hands, My only weakness
This is just my collection of various Skyrim mods. Please let me know of some of them don't work together. This is a WIP consistentlyt.
Skyrim Mods
Collection by ✪RapeFaceAleks✪
My Skyrim Mods
Collection by ‡ вℓαкє ‡
A collection of mods i use
[UST] Skyrim Modifikationen [Grafik&Patches]
Collection by UltraSpektralTurtle
Dies ist einfach nur eine Kollektion meiner Lieblingsmods für Skyrim!
My Mod List
Collection by Barael
Skyrim Mods I use
Collection by ⌠Docco⌡
Fantasy World
Collection by ◢ xTyrez ◤
Mods for a lived in "new" skyrim world
Skyrim Graphics And Quality of Life Pack
Collection by Delladunday
No DLC is required for this mod pack. A collection of mods that graphically enhance the game and also improve the general feel of skyrim. This Collection requires you install Skyrim Script Extender, Download here:
my mods
Collection by cameronwheeler55
Seam in Skyrim
Collection by angelicsean
Here's a collection. Blah blah blah, immersion. Blah blah blah, realism. Blah blah blah, subscribe. Blah blah blah, LOOT, NMM, SKSE, have fun.
My New Skyrim
Collection by Das_Kodak
Is great for enhancing experice and keeping it relatively vanilla. Would recommend hitting subscribe to all (not necessary). SKSE is required for SkyUI. Highly recomended to subcribe to all (as well as in the linked collections at bottom).
Collection by Rick Rhymezz
Best mods
Collection by |EDC| Nickonoos
My collection just for me Sirr John
Collection by .-.
For me
Jerry's Skyrim Collection
Collection by Holmaan
ayyyyyy lmao
my own list of lore-friendly mods.
Collection by antoine1988
contains a widened range of weapons some good looking armors some game helping ones (lockpicking pro) and some more IN FRENCH (the most i could find.) Mostly findable in english version though.
Utility Mods
Collection by ahy ess dee eph
Jeffs House-o-Rama
Collection by jeffs72
Skyrim 2.0 for me
Collection by GIJones546
A collection for me for when I need to show my preferred mods to friends.
Litle Game Changers: AI, Weight, Map/Quest-Markers, Texture and Crafting
Collection by Torel1
Utility and Craftsmanship convinience pack
Collection by Torel1
Vinodal's Game bundle
Collection by VinodalGaming
Full of sex
Required mods
Collection by GoldSkis45 {WiFu}
my personal required mods to play skyrim
skyrim - Base Mods
Collection by Nezz
Collection by Hudson
My Mods
Collection by somesuchsayer
My Mods.
Set 1
Collection by selfishpenguin
bosmer complete
Collection by monk64
just a collection of wood elf related mods and some other stuff thrown in.
Alternative Skyrim
Collection by LG Bl4nkTr3x
Collection by Mr. Righ
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