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Graphics Mods
Collection by Dissonance
Collection by DuskyTheHusky
You must install SKSE inorder to use most of these mods. Only GeSUS can use this. Anyone else who does so is getting GaBANed.
WhiteSunZ Personal Collection
Collection by WhiteSunZ
My personal collection
Skyrim Mods for the Average PC
Collection by Melmione
All of these mods I'm either subscribing to or have used before. Though occasionally a few of them might cause my computer to crash, most of these work perfectly well together. I'm using a basic laptop with the default graphics card, so it's far from a fa...
Brandon Skyrim
Collection by Brandon♋
Collection by King_Upsilon
Fuck if I know
A Better Skyrim
Collection by Carson
This collection uses highly endorsed, lore-friendly mods from both steam and skyrim nexus. Basically, this is a collection of Gameplay Enhancement Mods with a focus on mods that either add a more immersive style of gameplay or mods that fix annoying bugs ...
My Stuff
Collection by [GER]Holy Cookie
Collection by ethen100
just a personal Modpack for my freinds and I.
Uber Skyrim
Collection by Nognoth
This makes
Nic Cage private debug Collection
Collection by Nicolas Cage
Debugs game by resubing to the mods I subbed for personal use by me, only.
Modded Skyrim
Collection by WHILE True
Collection by [LB] HeRo teseo5544
more fun and more skyrim
Thoroughly Improved Skyrim
Collection by ✪ JuvaC
Here's a lore-friendly collection of mods, that make the game more realistic, enhances roleplay and improves much of the already existing stuff! Feel free to request or suggest mods to be added to the modpack! Required: -Skyrim & all DLC -SKSE Hig...
LustCenaBoyz Skyrim
Collection by IronTomman
x muelito
Collection by Diuke720
Collection by Shia Surpirse
Fox - Shinies
Collection by Fox
Mods i use
Collection by Joris Bohnson
Collection of Mods i use from the workshop.
skyrim overhaul
Collection by Flygon King
TazMann's Collection
Collection by TazMann
My personal collection, but I wouldn't recommend it. It's just here for me to easily get my subscibed items back if I lost them.
Clown's Skyrim Collection
Collection by Clown
!!! MUST HAVE ALL DLC & SKSE FOR THIS COLLECTION !!! This is a collection I made that will enhance/add to your game. These are all compatible, and are recommended to be used together. I will most likely keep adding on to it if there are other mods I fi...
Gorys Goodies
Collection by Gory J
It's a Collection of my crap!
skyrim favs
Collection by BOT Miku
my favs
Lamp's Adv00ntures in Dickrim
Collection by [bumbus]Lampy
Mods for Skyrim
Collection by The Exo-S_q_u_i_r_t_Jr
Collection by Belfknightt
This is a collection for Me. You're welcome me.
skyrim stuffs
Collection by Michaelangelor
skyrim things
My current build
Collection by protomanx36
Just a collection of all the mods I use. Mostly going for a sense of wonder, adventure, and realism.
skyrim mods
Collection by Nic
my mods
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