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Melmione's To-Do List
Collection by Melmione
The title is self-explanatory. I've heard great things about these, but have declined to subscribe just yet. The reasons are typically because I'm either worried about game-breaking issues, mods that aren't compatible, or blowing up my poor basic laptop w...
Collection by MrMorello
Collection by [LB] HeRo teseo5544
more fun and more skyrim
Thoroughly Improved Skyrim
Collection by ✪ JuvaC
Here's a lore-friendly collection of mods, that make the game more realistic, enhances roleplay and improves much of the already existing stuff! Feel free to request or suggest mods to be added to the modpack! Required: -Skyrim & all DLC -SKSE Hig...
Personal Collection
Collection by Radzaarty
Just for sharing with friends etc.
Collection by Guillespain
Sarge Stuff
Collection by John Seargeant [LVS]
Johns stuff
Top 100 Mods
Collection by Peru_Kitteh
Krysis Mods
Collection by kingbamfro
i will use
Collection by ghillieboy
my mods
Collection by cameronwheeler55
For Collection
Collection by Griffin
skyrim mods
Collection by Rubicubes
Collection by Mr. Righ
My Subscribed
Collection by [UG]TheReaper
Modpack LP
Collection by Angry4Ever
My Mods
Collection by [G] Cook
Lore mod
Collection by Deathpan2
My Mods
Collection by I, Darkstar X
These are the mods I use. ^^
Sky Rim Jobs Essentials!
Collection by Squidweed 69
You need this shit!
My Set Mods
Collection by Mercellis
just a few mods i sometimes use
Collection by Lucidia Nirvana
i use these mods from time to time
Collection by LordRev0
Do własnego użytku
Mods of enhanced experience.
Collection by VinylNarcissus
I, actually, made this collection for my self, so i could download my favorite mods at any time, they're awesome.
Collection by [TMN] DannyMonty
Includes: -Enhancements -HUD/UI -DLC Size Packs -Houses Requires SKSE
TESV:S: Fixes and Improvements
Collection by Davos
Well, I'm going to stare at that grass for a few days. A (totally original) collection for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim (TESV:S) filled with addons that can fix and improve the game. Don't worry, there aren't any paid ones. Tried to order them as best a...
Immersive Skyrim
Collection by VařímWhiskeyZVody
Collection by DisgruntledDunkleosteus
Dey booteh
My Mods
Collection by TacticalHand
These mods are all the mods I use when playing skyrim. A 2GB video card is recommended to use these mods to the best of their ability. I make Lakeview my main house so therefore i only have mods for it and no other houses at all. I highly advise you to ...
Collection by SoulTechNameI
MLG HIt the blunt collection
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