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Collection by Shia Surpirse
الله أكبر
Forbidden Spells
Collection by Plasmablitz
Mod load old
Collection by karatekid2144
old mods i used
my favorite mods
Collection by mordyx
Ageraks Collection
Collection by Agerak
This is a collection of mods that I used before I let my GF upload whatever she wanted...
206 mods
Collection by Blazer134
Skyrim Spell Mods
Collection by Scoutic_
A collection of spell mods I use. Whether it be essential or game-breaking.
Magic Of Skyrim
Collection by SamlerXRD
A Collection Of The Most Powerfull And Majestic Magic Worthy Of Skyrim.
vazi dé mod sé bi1 maggle!
Collection by Kleze
It's all good
Collection by ChinkBiscuit
I like these
mods ranger
Collection by karatekid2144
Skyrim A Recolletion
Collection by Casper
My Mod collection
Collection by Godot
Xionder's Skyrm Mod Collection
Collection by Xionder
This is my humble collection of mods from the steam workshop! Of course, a majority of these mods are geared towards a battlemage character, since I do love magic! Some of these mods are here because they are honorable mentions and not actually loaded ont...
Magic Overhaul
Collection by Faux Shizzle
New magic spells as well as mechanics improving magic gameplay
Current Mod list.
Collection by Salt
High res etc.
skyrim stuff-monsters-weapons-armors-buildings
Collection by DivineInsanities
buildings,weapons,mounts,magic,follower tweaks
Fox's Stuff
Collection by Tailswish
Collection by Valon
cool mods
Collection by Supa Hot Fire
Graphics package
Collection by Immaculatepasta
A private collection of graphics mods.
Mordy's Mod Managerie
Collection by Kfrunt Rfrunt [Please Stop Flo]
Stuff for me to use.
master Magi Mods
Collection by Chaos of the Magi
just the mods ive tested and enjoy.
Top Lel's Selects
Collection by C-Vac
The mods I use personally (for sharing with friends)
Collection for Ryan
Collection by I love you all, goodbye
Giant dragon penis
my temp list
Collection by Rul3zr
This is just the mods im currently using as of 9/14/2013 using many more non steam one this one is partially related to my other collection
New to skyrim
Collection by SolidNomNomNomSickle
A starting pack of what you should download first
The Lets-Play Collection
Collection by Gireen
This is a modpack I've put together which includes 200 different mods that make skyrim look, feel, and play better. They add new aspects to the game, as well as fill holes in the game that felt immersion breaking, empty, or unforfilled. Almost any rolepla...
Personal Collection
Collection by Rul3zr
Work in progress I plan on making base collection for basic gameplay emersion and minor gameplay second one more drastically changes it and will be sepearte list that i use Skyrim script extender is needed 1.use automatic...
The true mages Grimoire
Collection by Jhall Ridge
WHAT'S THIS. It appears you've come across the grimoire of famous mage Elaine shepard, it probably contains a list of rare spells, and enchantments she used on her adventures. Why not open it up and see what's inside. (A collection containing some of my f...
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