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Armor for Gettin', Weapons for Givin'...
Collection by: drwatson1873
These armor and weapons mods are some that I find to be quite lore-friendly, helpful in roleplay and immersion and attractive in the bargain (YMMV, beauty is in the eye of the beholder and all that...). There are some that are better suited to a specific...
Skyrim Mods
Collection by: InSanity Plus99
mods n shit
Collection by: The Communist Nipple
Collection by: hempel913
I did not create these mods, so give credit where credit is due. I threw together this collection because a few of my buddies love what they hear about my experience with Skyrim after my many many hours trying to find great mods that like to cooperate wi...
Spawtsie's Skyrim Collection
Collection by: Spawtsie Paws
Skyrim Mods
Collection by: Waterboy
Maladjusted's Special
Collection by: Maladjusted
Zakkq's gameplay collection
Collection by: E=MC Vagina
my collection
A collection of Skyrim mods
Collection by: TheAnimal900
Just a small collection of mods that i use in my playthrough.
Cake's collection
Collection by: TehCake
Skyrim Enhanced
Collection by: Kleio420
Lucids Collection Of Survival Based Skyrim Mods
Collection by: Lucidity
My collection
Collection by: declen5000
my mods for my computer
First Run
Collection by: noahnotnomad
Collection by: jessmeister0070
Collection by: CrazyAssCC
Things that interest me
Max Quality Skyrim [HQ] Complete Skyrim Overhaul ALL-in-ONE (All Work)
Collection by: MuscleTec LP
HI People. I worked hard the last weeks that pass to create me a perfect World on Skyrim. I worked alot with the Nexus mod Manager. After that i saw that the Steam workshop is a good and easy way to make a perfect Skyrim too. After studying hundreds ...
Swag Swag Mods
Collection by: Theron13
alpha 050plu skyrim
Collection by: 050plu
Mods I Use
Collection by: megageeklizzy
Skyrim Collection
Collection by: ThirstyLizard
Lore-friendly mods that work together, Courtesy of
Uris Zusammenstellung
Collection by: Uri el Ignis Dei
Weapons and Armors
Collection by: Moonwalker*
A collection of Weapons and Armors that i like. (Does not include the nexus ones ofc.)
Collection by: LordGorthan
hot a whaba zembowbwey new jersey
Collection by: iGhost4U
Hot Dickins
Collection by: R6xVANxSANTAx
Hot all night long
Skyrim: Risk It For The Biscuit Edition
Collection by: Weeaboo Jones
The reasonable mods I use.
Collection by: griM ace Hi there, I am a German Youtuber and this is my (current) collection of mods, which I also use in my Videos.
mon precieux
Collection by: jahdennodead
abcde fghijklmno pqrstuv wxyz
My humble Collection
Collection by: Benklingz
Just a collection of mods that I'm using from the Skyrim Steam Workshop. Got so many other mods from Nexus :D
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