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Containing item: "Insanity's Daedric Sword"
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Collection by: LordPangreas
BackUp for Skyrim restart
Collection by: AIKI.IS.BACK
special weapons mods for pure steam add-on
Nectaria's Collection
Collection by: Nectaria
A collection of good mods for Skyrim.
The big one
Collection by: Rhyleymaster ナマおっぱい
A giant ass collection of mods. More are being added all the time.
The Ultimate Weapon Collection
Collection by: MoodyInfinity
This is a list of the best and most recommended weapons from me. Hope you enjoy!
Ultimate skyrim mods. Weapons, Armor, Magic and Combat.
Collection by: War Guy
This a collection of Weapons and Armor mods that are just outstanding and are great ways to improve your gameplay. Choose as many mods you like from this great collection and don`t forget to check out some of the other mods from nexus. Other nexusmods...
Collection by: mucahit.g
Meine ersten versuche.
suritafargis mod pack
Collection by: surita fargis
there is a few bugs with it but it works if you have any big problems let me know and if there is any mods you wan't in it let me know there is a random closing bug try avioding those spots what do it this mod pack has 237 mods in it no dlcs but you will...
30% yes
Collection by: ~CPB~ DjZm
Shut up
Collection by: Loker
The Complete Package: The 180+ Mods I Use
Collection by: RossGosling
This is just all the mods I use in a collection. (REQUIRES DAWNGUARD) Features added: -More places -More quests -Better audio and visuals -Bug fixes -Better follower/enemy AI -Improved character creation options -Added female Daedric armour -...
Collection by: yello
skyrim collection seems to work
Round 3
Collection by: Sithis
Ultimate Perfect Playthrough
Collection by: G20
My Ultimate Perfect Playthrough includes fixes, armour, dungeons, enhancements and everything to make the skyrim experience the best and most diverse possible. They all work together! My first playthrough i didn't use any mods, for me it's a must. But....
Collection by: -Mr DingleBerry-
Enhanced Content
Collection by: Von Pow Pow Kaboom
These mods add content to the game New Weapons Weapon Reskins Quests Places May require SKSE and SkyUI
Skyrim super boost
Collection by: =[ZKI]=Evilno
Mods make skyrim fun, and actually allows for it to work, these are my favorite mods on steam that run without slowing down the game. These are other mods that improve the game:
Current mods
Collection by:
my mods
Buggy collection
Collection by: _EnderPhoenix_
Its buggy but useble
Collection by: Xiphos the Great
Akatsuki Box
Collection by: Dragonsle
My favourite Mods V2
Collection by: #supergeil
Cody's Complete Collection
Collection by: Lothìon
Cody's Complete Collection: The mods I use. Nexus Mod's currently unlisted. As far as I've experienced, they are 99.999% compatible, but "no-bugs" not guaranteed. Notice: I plan on releasing various Collections by topic of the ones listed below, ...
Zeimaster's current mods running
Collection by: Zeimaster
I'm a beast!
Collection by: Chazz Barramundi
Nicky's personal collection
Collection by: Dr. Wang
Collection by: SuicideStix
Skyrim Mods
Collection by: GhostTown™
Mods I use for Skyrim! Nothing game breaking.
Collection by: bulets
Collection by: D'Addario
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