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Bumpin Uglies
Collection by Lt. Aldo Raine
If you could chose between world peace or your own pokemon, What pokemon would you have?
Thig's Preferred Skyrim Mods
Collection by Death by clicker heroes
Mods I feel like make a better skyrim experience
Slender & Terror
Collection by AKeithY
The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Collections
Collection by arnold_williams66
Different Mods I'd like to put into the game.
Mods To Try Later
Collection by arnold_williams66
Mods I don't want to use right at the present moment.
Private Collection
Collection by Dethirius
Mister Struts' Reccomened Modifications
Collection by MisterStruts
A collection of reccomened mods for a different playing experience. Make sure you download SKSE for Sky UI and others
My Goods
Collection by Lt. Aldo Raine
Just all the mods i use, give or take a few to trim the fat
Gabriel's Collection
Collection by GabrielDC5
Just a collection of 100+ mods ive taken the time to add to Skyrim for personal use.
Adequality's Skyrim Experience
Collection by Adequality
A collection i made for my friends. I look for stuff that's lore-friendly. Like the slightly faster horses mod.
tits mcgee
Collection by thepizzadude8
for dylan
Graphical & Quality-of-Life Improvements
Collection by Obzenium
This is a collection of about 70 mods which improve the appearance of Skyrim, add several convenience features, and which keep the original gameplay largely intact. The mods listed are split between Steam Workshop and Skyrim Nexus. Note that the Dawngua...
Collection by AKeithY
Arsewrangler's Lore-Friendly, Immersion improving Collection!
Collection by Arsewrangler
Lord of the rings !
Collection by Jango Flex
Lord of the rings conversion
Skyrim Realism Maxed Out
Collection by Tyraid123
None of these are my mods, I take no credit whatsoever for any of these mods, this is just a quick and easy collection for your skyrim world to make it realistic!
Skyrim Basic Mods
Collection by WLM~GasconFedaykin~
Just some stuff to make the game more interesting and useable.
My Subscribed Items
Collection by letyrman
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