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Skyrim Mod List
Collection by: No Land's Man
A collection of mods that will work without performance loss. So it makes your skyrim look good even if you have a shitty computer like I have. Also there're many extra mods to make the game more playable (for example faster horses). Enjoy.
Sentries' Default Skyrim Mods
Collection by: SentriesAries
Regardless of which character I'm playing, these are mods that I like to have in my game, no matter what.
Forbidden Spells
Collection by: Plasmablitz
Better Skyrim Experience
Collection by: Severe Trauma #Gaming Drunk
I made this collection for personal use in order to provide a better skyrim experience. All mods are compatible but some require all of the Skyrim official DLC. Feel free to download all or just a few!
Collection by: MusicLordNHY
Argonian Trial
Collection by: NerdyRat
Muh stuff
Collection by: Sai Kitsune
stuff i wanted...?
Зборка для КАЗУАЛЬНОЙ игры в скайрим
Collection by: Sanick
Вылетать не будет... Честно...
Small sborka
Collection by: Snake
Collection by: Hitsuji
Une selection de mods pour améliorer l'imertion de skyrim sans changer radicalement son apparence ou la difficulté .
Skyrim Modpack
Collection by: [KidzBop] Vaas
Dis is mei mudpak. Leik it or die. Itz rally gud n friend m3 m8. n00t n00t @ detroit m8s.
Abcabwehr's Skyrim Kollektion
Collection by: Abcabwehr
Kollektion für skyrim
my skyrim
Collection by: Solid Snake
my game
Dla Crukiego
Collection by: [WE]Zgadek
EmPee's Awesome Skyrim
Collection by: MartyP1229
Tim`s Skyrim-Kollektion
Collection by: Timum | Trading
Hi ich bin Tim und ich hab mal ein paar Mods rausgesucht die mir ganz gut gefallen haben :) Es sind hauptsächlich Grafikmods aber auch ein Paar Waffen- und Rüstungsmods dabei. Also viel Spaß damit :D
Lex's madness
Collection by: lexor_1
Collection for friends who want to have a fun time in skyrim with out the worries of conflicting files,
DShays favourites mods
Collection by: DShay
My Favorite Skyrim Mods
Collection by: Marijandro
My standard collection
Collection by: passionfly1
Standard UI fix mods
TES 5 Favorite Skyrim Mods
Collection by: Charles Bronson
How I Keep Breaking Skyrim!
Collection by: gibraltarsix
I love mods so much, I keep adding them until...well, you know. These are amongst my faves.
Dj's Collection
Collection by: Simply Fox
Just a collection of my favorite mods.
Only the best of my mods and friends mods
Collection by: Nightware6
içi se regroupe lesmods que j'aime et qui ont apporter beaucoup de plaisir dans le gameplay,amélioration du jeu en lui-même,fluidité,aussi les mods de mon frère,et ceux d'un moddeur cool,bien entendu,il y a une liste considérable à rajouter,mais sa...
Simons Adds
Collection by: S.A.K.
einfach abbonieren habe nen bug und mach die kollektion zum wieder downloaden
La herejía de Talos
Collection by: Lord Kur
Colección de para mejorar sustancialmente Skyrim.
Pauls Plugins
Collection by: pwhe23
All the ones I use
Skyrim Improved
Collection by: xXSightlessXx
This is just a collection of Skyrim mods i personally use and enjoy. i'm compiling them together incase others wish to join in on MY Skyrim experiance and also so i have them all together
Zeros crack pack
Collection by: MxZero
A modpack that (at best) will crash your skyrim harder then the stock market. (All the DLC is needed) Pack v. 1.2.1
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