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Containing item: "Dwemer Autoblade"
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The Aethernautical Bandit
Collection by: J_Dshields
I wanted to play as a bandit, then I wanted to play as a dwemerologist. Then I wanted to control time, and fight giant monsters. This is the result.
Ekranos Mod Collection
Collection by: Dr Axel Stollinator
Lore-friendly mods
Collection by: Drags
Mostly all mods that I use and are lore friendly. Includes graphics, gameplay mods.
Mod Stash
Collection by: Drags
Auxilary collections to manage my own favorited/subscribed mods.
Тоже что и там
Collection by: Князь Михаил
Че тут описывать? Куча дермица! Для безумной игры скайриме. советую Tundra defence
스카이림 모드
Collection by: wjddlswp7478
Alanzo Tropical Skyrim RP Pack
Collection by: Honorary Alfanzo
These are the mods Alfanzo uses for his tropical RP.
Turtle Pack
Collection by: Lonely Turtle
Realism pack, Recommended for crossbow users or Sword and shield types, heavy armor. Most of the mods are to make the world more lively.
Joe's Mods
Collection by: Jofuzz
Now with 30% more mods!
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