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Skyrim - Mods
Collection by: Phidippus Lavender
List of mods that make Skyrim's atmosphere more interactive and 'realistic'.
Collection by: Plague Doctor
TIS MY COLLECTON i dont own the mods
Immersive Skyrim
Collection by: Mill Burray
Enhanced Immersion
Collection by: ShadowFox36
A collection of mods that enhance the games immersion by adding affects or altering existing elements.
Cake's collection
Collection by: TehCake
All round mods - Gameplay+Graphics
Collection by: cam-o-flage20
Used for sharing with friends
Collection by: Рыжий Герцог
Collection by: Внезапный Песец
идите вы
Collection by: Renny the Moose of Nirn
TazMann's Collection
Collection by: TazMann
A collection I made for myself, for conveniance. Others are welcome to use it though, of course.
My standard collection
Collection by: passionfly1
Standard UI fix mods
Collection by: Phozoh
Collection by: Whatchamacallit
Personal favorites!
Collection by: Vortex6700
Moin Skyrim Mods
Collection by: [H.E.R.R.] Dargon
Making Skyrim feel 100x better!
Collection by: Dradle Spinner
Make Skyrim a greater experience by fixing it up and improving everything that didn't even need to be improved! Might as well fight flies Ever notice derpy bandits with bows like to fire them in your face but when you loot them they have The Axe...
Collection by: LordGorthan
Lore-friendly mods
Collection by: Drags
Mostly all mods that I use and are lore friendly. Includes graphics, gameplay mods.
Mod Stash
Collection by: Drags
Auxilary collections to manage my own favorited/subscribed mods.
My Mods
Collection by: Guchu17
Sinslayer's Skyrim Mods
Collection by: Sinslayer121
My Skyrim Mods
Collection by: Narukami Senpai
Collection by: griM ace Hi there, I am a German Youtuber and this is my (current) collection of mods, which I also use in my Videos.
Jester_Turncoat's Skyrim mods in-use
Collection by: Jester Turncoat
Just a collection of mods I am currently using. I cherry picked the majority of these mods from this collection: Additional non-steam mods: Skyrim Script Extender (SKSE) http://sks...
Collection by: Jimmy Rustler
Javier Sagittarius
Collection by: Tyke
Troubles in paradise..
Tanha Subs
Collection by: Don Luigi
Hano's Way
Collection by: Hanosandy
Make sure to download the secondary installation required with Sky UI
wcsonic2 collection
Collection by: wcsonic2
rab2297 this is my collection.
Enhanced Skyrim
Collection by: {BGS} ianneiriksson
This is an attempt at modding skyrim to make it as grandoise as possible, with little to no effort and wiith all DLC. Reccomended that you start your skyrim up first, and ensure that it runs properly, than download SKSE. Afterwards, only download SkyUI...
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