The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
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My Must Have Mods
Collection by: bazzaro135
THe mods I think you must play with.
Collection by: cd.22
Collection by: *****Machine85
Collection by: iWiseUp
Basic beginning mods
Collection by: Mackdaddymack
This collection has a number of basic mods that enhance Skyrim overall. There are a few mods that are funny and are put in for the laughs, but the large majority are simply to make the game look and feel better.
LoserVille USA
Collection by: Game Too Hard, I Quit
Dick Squad
Collection by: Joey Press
Error's Recomended
Collection by: errors1111
Don't Ask
Skyrim mod Collection
Collection by: Ordinary Justice
Just a collection I made to keep my workshop mods in order. not much else to it
MustardOrc's Base Game Mods
Collection by: MustardOrc
Collection of mods i use to improve vanilla Skyrim. This is intended to be a sort of back up for me, not for other people to comment about.
J money ($$$) Swag District
Collection by: Mex Mongo
Skyrim setup
Collection by: Im Relentless
It has addons
Collection by: Prion
Collection by: NETFrancy61
Backup of Mods ( Don't worry about this )
Collection by: ϟ b761d67 ϟ
Collection by: Mattyratty
Cool buncherino ov moderinos
Extras and Vanilla Alternates
Collection by: Splinter
Skyrim Sexy HD Nature and Characters
Collection by: Khellus
A mass collection of mods that improve the immersiveness of skyrim while improving the Characters meshes and textures.
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