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Favourites for Skyrim
Collection by Ooga-Chaka
blublu test
Collection by ElectrO
Lord Alexander's Realist Skyrim (Improved)
Collection by Lord Alexander
This is a cool collection that I really wanted to be made. The goal here is to compile the best of skyrim's lore-friendly mods. This mod-pack contains over 120 mods that I wanted to use. All of these mods a balanced to a point that I found acceptable. If ...
Lazy Zack Skyrim Mods
Collection by Your Imagination
Mods I generally use and my lil bro wanted.
Skyrim Addons
Collection by Admin Power
Skys fav's
Collection by skymadra™
Location Mods
Collection by Pieguys
A collection of mods that add locations and houses to Skyrim.
skyrim mods
Collection by cesslesspoon44
mods that make skyrim interesting
Skyrim Mods
Collection by Josh
my chosen mods for my game
Collection by BOMb252
mine collections
Collection by mr.popo
Collection by Nobunaga The Fool
Collection by Prostyler
Collection by Lfgomar ¡BWAAAAH!
por que me encanta
Collection by glevesque225
My best for Skyrim
Collection by Miriel Lind
Raccolta di altre collezzioni che ritengo personalmente il meglio per Skyrim
Awesome House mods
Collection by SirDuggieWuggie
Pie is very nice
Collection by JumJum
A lot of nice pie
Skyrim mods//Layum
Collection by Layum
Zeusus Skyrim Modpack
Collection by Zeusus
This is my personal collection of Skyrim Workshop subscriptions. All mods added to this pack should be compatible.
Collection by BhindBluEyes
sky trim
Collection by ZackSkater.exe
The Ultimate Skyrim Experience
Collection by Joshua Graham
A collection of Skyrim Workshop mods that cover -Quests -Locations -Armors -Weapons -Spells -Shouts -Enchantments -Skill trees / skill tree modifications -NPCs -Creatures -Dragons -Graphic enhancements
Collection by The Wolf of the North
For my good friends
Collection by Bloody
Just put some stuff together for my friends :)
Must Have mods
Collection by Countless PWNZ²
Mods in which i would recommend.
Subscribed Items
Collection by Jefario
Collection by zardikar6
Extremly Epic Things
Collection by Viperinius Studios (nur mit CS)
Download these really nice mods, they convert Skyrim into an epic huge castles, new houses, new settings and more sweetrolls...that's all you need in your life as a hero. More great stuff: Castle Grey: ...
Mods for Family
Collection by supercat
CHEESE for everyone! Graphical upgrades (town foliage & HD textures for things like water, snow, usable/static items), lighting, weather, AI/follower improvements, lots of custom homes, sound effects, lore-friendly armor, and quality of life mods such as...
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