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My mod collection! (over 150 mods)
Collection by: WOLFERUS_99
!-!-!-!-! GERMAN !-!-!-!-! Die Kollektion umfasst mehr als 150 mods die ich benutze. Alle mods sind miteinander zu verwenden :D (sonst wurde es ja nicht bei mir funktionieren O_O). Ich erstelle diese Kollektion damit anderen ...
Chucky's skyrim samling nå
Collection by: Ofc. Noob
my favorite mods
Collection by: Ange|F4KT0R
my favorite Skyrim mods <3
Best MODS 4 Skyrim
Collection by: † (VersuS) †
This will be a collection of the Best and Useful Aid and Mod for SKYRIM Check it out, fellas!!! First: Useful Then: Beautiful Both: BETTER!!! U like it? Leave a "Like" guys, i'll thk u all (If u have some suggest for others objects tell me an...
stuff i'm subscribed to
Collection by: Aladdin Sane
Collection by: -=FiA=-Cougar
Mods that works!
Collection by: Serious ︻芫══---
A working collection of graphical and game enchanted mods ;) ok some cheat mods are there too but, if u dont want them, u can just let them away ;)
Towns and Villages Enhanced
Collection by: Seleniy
Jan 2015
Collection by: SlaughtrHousJak
just the easy ones that dont seem to change much.
Skyrim Perfection
Collection by: Citrus
Here is a list of everything that will make your Skyrim 100% perfect. It adds a tonne and fixes a tonne. All mods are compatible with eachother, might just need to fiddle around with load orders.
Mods that i use
Collection by: Staff Sergeant Skunk
Collection by: Kruiser8
More shtuff
Best of Graphics / Textures - Nature - Wildlife - retextured cities / ( ALL WORK )
Collection by: MuscleTec LP
HI People. I worked hard the last weeks that pass to create me a perfect World on Skyrim. I worked alot with the Nexus mod Manager. After that i saw that the Steam workshop is a good and easy way to make a perfect Skyrim too. After studying hundreds o...
Sethg's skyrim mods
Collection by: Sethg
my mods
Collection by: λcg
Fuji's Skyrim Bullshit Pack
Collection by: Fuji
Stable Mod Build
Collection by: M0PE
My favourite Skyrim mods
Collection by: Shadow.exe
This list covers all my favourite mods, which I´ve tested so far. I´ve tried to avoid all the outdated ones, so the game/launcher won´t crash right away.
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