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Private Collection 1
Collection by Dudedrummer
Collection by ducker
pay no attention to this collection
Private Reload
Collection by Theboyhood16
Collection by Lord Kamina
All of my currently subscribed mods, in order to avoid the current Skyrim Launcher bug. Please note, you are free to use thisin your playthrough. Be sure to download cloaks of skyrim and the Kamina Cloak replacer for the manliest expierience.
My Mod Setup
Collection by AVNG Deadpool
The mods I currently use in my Skyrim game.
Really fucking serious ultimate serious no joke very serious collection thingy
Collection by Hawest
Collection by BreadCats
The Height of Absurdity
Collection by bosspatrone
I am not playing, or planning to play Skyrim right now. This list is just me bookmarking the craziest / strangest / lore breaking mods I can find for when I do play again. Conflicts likely. Recommendations / suggestions welcome.
skyrim mods
Collection by Krit the Mudkip
Ze Mods I Use.
Collection by Internal Rainbows
These here are mods. And I use them.
Collection by Natrium Chloros
Skeleton Lord's seal of "Yeh"
Collection by Skeleton Lord
If you see a mod in here there is a 95% chance it works and I love it, 5% is a shot in the dark and full of hate I also just made this so anytime I have to re-install skyrim again I don't have to hunt for and resubscribe to my mods
My Skyrim Addons
Collection by TacticalHotDog
This is all of my current Skyrim addons being used.
Mods i use
Collection by Mrs Plinkett
Mine alll mine
Collection by Codar
StalkingEmu's Collection of Vanilla Improvements
Collection by StalkingEmu
These are all of the mods I use that basically enhance the Vanilla Skyrim experience! DLC is not supported by the following mods.
cool mods
Collection by Hitler_HP
Collection by elderpyre
*derp* *derp* *derp*
Freeza's Home Blend
Collection by Freeza Rules You
Just a bunch of mods that taste good when blended together.
Big List of all mods i use.
Collection by Death-Bunny
This is a big list of mods that i use. I think that describes this collection fairly well.
Subscribed Miscellaneous Mods
Collection by Lord of Trite
Just the miscellaneous mods in Skyrim that I subscribed too.
My 200+ Graphical mod collection
Collection by Gale
Requires SKSE.
Trixx's Tricks
Collection by tomscom
Works for me :)
MY Skyrim Mods
Collection by Red Panda
Personal Collection #1
Collection by Lordxeno06
skyrim mods
Collection by 66Kittens
just the skyrim mods i am subscribed to
HD and Fun Mod Collection
Collection by trookat
For my friends , might need all expansions
Shames Mods
Collection by Shames
Mods that I use
Dr. Death's Skyrim mod collection
Collection by Dr. Death
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